2018 Annual Conference: Operations, Planning, Safety, Infrastructure, & Development Committee (OPSID) Workshop

Session SlidedeckWorkshop Agenda

Session 1.1 Airport Roundtable

Session Slidedeck

Session 1.2 The BNA Vision Program—Dynamically Accommodating Growth at Nashville International Airport

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  • Traci Holton, Assistant Vice President—Development & Engineering, Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority
  • Robert Ramsey, Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority

Session 1.3 Adapting Aging Infrastructure to Modern Realities

  • Ian Redhead, Deputy Director, Kansas City Aviation Department
  • Ed Clayson, Director of Airport Maintenance, Salt Lake City Department of Airports
  • Joan Zatopek, Aviation Planning and Development Manager, Oakland International Airport

Session 2.0 Airport Safety Management Systems—An Update from the Front Lines

Session 2.2 Improving NOTAM Management in a Dynamic Operational Environment

Concurrent Session 2.4B: Managing Terminal Flow—Passenger Facilitation & Processing Issues

Session 2.5: Advanced Energy Management. You’ve Installed LEDs & Solar Panels—Now What?

Session Slide Deck

  • Pete Higgins, Director of Airport Operations, Salt Lake City Department of Airports
  • Cullen Choi, Energy Manager, Denver International Airport
  • Douglas Nordham, Associate Principal-Energy Consulting, ARUP
  • Roy Palk, President/CEO, New Horizons Consulting
  • Chad Reese, Environmental Affairs Manager, San Diego County Regional Airport Authority

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