Photo by James Cullum | CEO Update

The North American Airports Collectors Series (NAACS) is a trading card program for ACI-NA member airports in the United States and Canada. The NAACS is geared to reach the vast audiences who follow aviation or collect mementos wherever they travel. Beyond showcasing airports as unique hubs of a massive aviation network, this trading card series allows airports to highlight their tremendous impact on their local communities, whether it’s as an economic catalyst or a key to a region’s social or cultural history.

Q: Who can create an airport trading card?

A: Any ACI-NA member airport in good standing is eligible to participate in the North American Airports Collectors Series™.

Q: Is there a cost to participate?

A: No, there is fee or cost to participate in this program. Airports are responsible for designing their own cards, using templates provided by ACI-NA, and producing their own cards.

Q: Are there guidelines or required elements for each card?

A: Yes, there are a set of guidelines and templates that all participating airports must adhere to. That information can be found here. Templates to create a trading card are only availble by emailing Scott Elmore at 

Q: Does each card design need to be reviewed and approved?

A: Yes, each card design must be reviewed and approved by ACI-NA before it may be printed or distributed. Since the NAACS logo is trademarked, all participating airports must also sign a trademark agreement before producing their first card.

Q: Does ACI-NA handle the printing of the cards?

A: No, each airport is responsible for printing their own cards.

Q: Are there best practices available for distributing and promoting trading cards?

A: The Airport Marketing Working Group is currently revising and updating a best practices document with input from participating airports.  This document will be made available soon.

Q: I’m a traveler looking for a particular card? Who should I contact? 

A: If you are looking for a particular airport’s trading card, please contact the airport directly via social media or an information line. Please be advised that not every airport has created a trading card. ACI-NA does not distribute trading cards by mail.

Q: Who should I contact if I have more questions about participating, or for more information?

A: Please contact Scott Elmore at for more information on this program.

If you are an ACI-NA member airport and are interested in producing a trading card for your airport, please email Scott Elmore at for more information, deadlines and templates.