ACI-NA has retained the services of Western Management Group (WMG) who, since 1972, has been recognized as an independent global leader in the design, development and conduct of salary and compensation surveys for a wide variety of organizations. Click here for additional background information on the types of surveys which they conduct and proprietary information which they safeguard.

The ACI-NA Compensation and Benefits Survey was created in response to requests from airport directors for a credible, reliable, and legally compliant source of market compensation data. Through the efforts of ACI-NA’s Compensation & Benefits Working Group, the inaugural airport industry-specific compensation-and-benefits benchmarking survey was launched in 2008 and published in early 2009.  ACI-NA received an outstanding response from the U.S. airports who participated which demonstrated the importance of this survey to the airport industry. Survey participation has continued to grow each year and has maintained an 85% repeat of participants allowing participants to monitor year-to-year salary growth more accurately.

This year’s edition of the survey  is now available for purchase by participants; incentive discount rates are also available. Interested in seeing the breakdown of 2024 survey participants?  Check out our U.S. and Canadian overviews.

Survey Background

The survey included data on over 15,885 employees in 135 different industry-specific jobs. A total of 152 airports (135 U.S. and 17 Canadian airports) contributed data in this eleventh annual survey.

The benefits and pay practices portion of the survey is collected separately from the salary data through PolicyCentral, Western Management Group’s online policy and benefits collection and reporting tool. This portion of the survey is available to all airports and airport authorities at NO COST. You do not have to be a participant in the salary survey to gain access to this tool. Call Western Management Group for your username and password and go to and click on the PolicyCentral logo. You will find more than 80 benefits and policy topics such as average merit budget and salary structure adjustments. Once you Input your own airport’s information, you can create a report that includes data from other airports’ submissions or from the entire database.

Future Surveys

The planning process for future editions of the ACI-NA Compensation and Benefit Benchmarking Survey tool is an ongoing activity. Thus, participants should continue to provide feedback as ACI-NA’s Compensation & Benefits Working Group continues to work with Western Management Group to increase job coverage and to ensure that the needs of the airport industry are met. Data collection for the next edition of the survey is currently in process.  If you would like to participate, contact Ellie Nakhforoush at Western Management Group at 408-571-6378