Executive Team

Kevin M. Burke

President and CEO

Deborah McElroy

Executive Vice President

Daniel-Robert Gooch

President, Canadian Airports Council

Nancy Zimini

Senior Vice President, Administration and Operations

Tom Devine

General Counsel

Annie Russo

Senior Vice President of Government and Political Affairs

Cindy Campos

Executive Assistant

Canadian Division

Daniel-Robert Gooch

President, Canadian Airports Council

Wayne Harvey

Vice President, Operation, Technical and Regulatory Affairs

Chris Phelan

Vice President, Aviation Security and Industry Affairs

Gavin Tan

Manager, Airport Programs

Holly Christian

Manager, Office Services & Administration

Legal Affairs

Tom Devine

General Counsel

Government and Political Affairs

Annie Russo

Senior Vice President of Government and Political Affairs

Greg Cota

Managing Director, Government and Political Affairs

Rachel Tristan

Director, Government and Political Affairs

Hannah Giltner

Senior Manager, Advocacy

Regulatory Affairs and Policy

Chris Oswald

Vice President, Safety and Regulatory Affairs

Paul Eubanks

Senior Director, Policy and Regulatory Affairs

Melinda Pagliarello

Senior Director, Environmental Affairs

Air Policy

Matthew J. Cornelius

Vice President, Air Policy

Aneil Patel

Managing Director, Air Policy


Christopher Bidwell

Vice President, Security

Economic Affairs and Research

Liying Gu

Vice President, Economic Affairs and Research

Ashley Sng

Manager, Economic Affairs

Qinya Pang

Research Analyst

Communications & Marketing

Scott Elmore

Vice President of Communications and Marketing

Robyn Rudish-Laning

Senior Manager, Marketing

Mimi Ryals

Manager, External Relations

Raechel Rucker

Manager, Communications and Marketing

Administration and Human Resources

Praneet Mathur

Senior Director, Finance and Administration

Zarina Manapova

Senior Manager, Accounting

Tijuana Newman

Senior Manager, Accounts and Administration

Colleen Baird

Senior Manager, Office Services and Administration

McKenzie Saunders

Coordinator, Administrative Services

Michelle A. Andriano

Receptionist/Administrative Assistant

Member Services

Veronica S. Gerson

Director, Member Services

Conferences and Education

Deirdre L. Clemmons

Vice President, Meetings, Education and Partnerships

Lori Jackson

Director, Conferences

Caitlin Sloan

Manager, Conferences

Cristy Seminario

Manager, Conferences