Liying Gu

Vice President, Economic Affairs and Research

202-293-8500 ext.1017

Field of Expertise:

Economics, finance, cargo and research


Liying Gu is Vice President, Economic Affairs and Research, leading the association’s economic affairs and research programs. Her many responsibilities include preparing ACI-NA’s economic position papers; representing ACI-NA on economic issues at industry and government meetings; overseeing the ACI-NA Finance, Commercial Management, Air Cargo and Risk Management Committees; and directing the ACI-NA research programs, which support legislative, regulatory and policy initiatives. She also manages critical policy issues related to capital needs, infrastructure development, innovative financing, financial reporting, performance benchmarking, passenger facility charges, rates and charges, concession practices and revenues, air cargo opportunities, industry competition and concentration, airport congestion and risk management. Gu has served on the oversight panel for a number of the Transportation Research Board’s (TRB) Airport Cooperative Research Programs (ACRP).

Before joining ACI-NA in 2003, Gu worked for a smart-card consulting firm as a consultant and research analyst. She has more than seven years of management experience organizing aviation-related events, including the first international aviation trade show with flying display held in Zhuhai, China, in 1996; 10 high-level aviation symposiums in mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Paris; and 10 legs of the FAI World Grand Prix of Aviation in China.

Gu is a graduate of the Beijing Foreign Studies University, with a degree in English, and she also holds a master’s degree in finance from the Johns Hopkins University; an MBA in aviation, from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University; and a graduate certificate in survey design and data analysis from the George Washington University. Gu is also a chartered financial analyst (CFA).

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