Become an ACI-NA member

ACI-NA membership offers valuable benefits to both airport and aviation-related business professionals, including:

  • Discounts on registration to any of ACI-NA’s nearly 20 conferences and meetings
  • Access to educational resources, webinars, networking opportunities and ACI-NA research
  • Opportunities to participate in industry-leading research
  • A seat at the table to discuss and influence U.S. and Canadian aviation policy

ACI-NA offers five types of Airport membership and two types of aviation-related business memberships. All memberships are done on an annual basis, beginning January 1. Dues for members who join after January 1 are prorated for the remainder of the calendar year.

Join ACI-NA today and get the advocacy, representation and industry information and analysis that you need as an airport operating in North America. Whether you are the director of a general aviation, small, medium or larger airport; hub or non-hub – an ACI-NA membership provides its member airports with services that strengthen their abilities to serve their passengers, customers and communities.

ACI-NA Member Benefits

Impact & Educate

Help shape policy and legislation by working with ACI-NA committees and initiatives.

Gain Insight

Access accurate, timely, and in-depth information and analysis on the latest issues, developments and opportunities affecting airports and the aviation industry.


Engage with your colleagues from other airports to share ideas, concerns and information through ACI-NA’s conferences, committees, discussion forums and webinars.

Members-Only Benefits

Receive quarterly industry and membership news from Centerlines and a daily amalgamation of headlines through Centerlines Today.

Membership Types

Any airport geographically located within the United States or Canada

Any entity that has sufficient governmental authority to own or operate a commercial service airport within the boundaries of the United States or Canada

Any airport geographically located within the U.S. or Canada that has chosen to participate in another ACI region OR any General Aviation airport which operates independently of commercial operating airport authorities.

Any existing ACI member from another region who chooses to pay a membership fee to ACI-NA to participate in the activities of the North America region. Dues are 20% of the regular airport member dues.

Canadian Airports Membership

The Canadian Airports Council (CAC), a division of Airports Council International-North America, and the name through which ACI-NA operates in Canada, is the voice of Canada’s airports. Formed in 1992, as the devolution of airports to local control from Transport Canada was beginning, the CAC has established itself as the reliable and credible federal representative for Canadian airports on a wide range of significant issues and concerns. Canada’s airports are engines for economic development in the communities they serve and one of their most important elements of local infrastructure.

CAC members enjoy the same benefits as all other airport members.

This includes all National Airports System (NAS) airports, which handle more than 95 percent of the passenger traffic in Canada. CAC membership is open to any non-Transport Canada operated airports and associations of airport operators.

World Business Partners/Associate Membership

Companies and organizations that provide products and services to our airport members.

Any World Business Partner member in good standing from another ACI region who chooses to pay a membership fee to participate in North American region activities.

Have questions or not sure where you fit? Email us.