ACI-NA Strategic Partner


Ricondo & Associates is a full-service aviation consulting company specializing in airport consulting in support of airport owners and operators, airlines, and federal and state agencies.  Since its inception in 1989, R&A has been dedicated to solving the challenging problems facing the airport and airline industries.  The company is owned and operated by its senior officers and has no other business interest except airport and aviation consulting.

ACI-NA Corporate Partner

SSP America

SSP America is a division of SSP Group, a global leader in the business of creating restaurants, bars, cafés and markets in environments where people are 1.5 a million passengers daily in over 33 countries.  Our operations span more than 2,600 outlets across 140 airports and 280 rail stations representing more than 500 of the world’s best brands

For more information on ACI-NA’s corporate partnership program, please contact Aneil Patel, Senior Vice President, Programs.