Review Grants and PFC Collections to Maximize Capital Funding

Brian Drake, Assistant Vice President, Unison Consulting, Inc.

Consider how periodic reviews of grants and PFC funding with your capital program can generate out-of-the-box thinking and stimulate new approaches to securing valuable funding for your airport projects.

Here are a few real-world examples of how Unison Consulting was able to partner with clients to garner much-needed revenue:

  • In recent years, we secured $1.8 million in AIP discretionary funds for a small hub airport supplemental environmental impact statement resulting from litigation against the airport.
  • We showed one of our medium clients a project that reduced the number of gates while still meeting the “significant contribution” standard applicable to the airport at the time for collecting PFCs at the $4.50 rate. This enabled the airport to increase its annual PFC collections by 33% and meet its capital needs.
  • For a medium hub airport, we proved an airport’s PFC projects initially approved at the $3.00 rate met the same “significant contribution” standard to qualify for the $4.50 rate, enabling the airport to avoid a 33% reduction in annual PFC collections.

For expert analysis, consider contracting financial experts who know the airport business to assist with the financial review of your airport. Often, you will realize a substantial return on investment.

Unison Consulting’s Finance Team provides airport clients with a wide range of financial services. With experience at over 100 airports, our team offers a strategic approach tailored to our clients’ specific goals and objectives. We have successfully completed numerous projects for airports of all sizes and welcome the opportunity to meet with you to understand your goals and objectives and present details of our relevant experience.

Brian Drake, Assistant Vice President|
Unison Consulting, Inc.
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Brian has over 16 years of airport financial experience. Brian’s financial expertise in airport finance allows him to provide creative solutions to airport executives. Brian specializes in complex financial modeling to support all types of airport projects.


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