A Young Professional’s View on Air Cargo

Liliana Bustos,  Chicago Department of Aviation

As a new employee in the air cargo industry, every day is a thrilling look into the world of global logistics. Air cargo operations at O’Hare Airport are fast-paced and ever-changing. Each day presents new challenges and opportunities for growth and learning. Patrolling the airfield has quickly become my favorite activity. Observing just how quickly things move—from the moment a plane touches down on a runway to the moment people start unloading the freight—makes the air cargo process run like a well-oiled machine. It is truly impressive to see how many souls it takes to keep cargo operations running smoothly, which is something you don’t typically realize when you’re on the receiving end of a package. Understanding proper handling procedures, FAA guidelines, and the network of airports and carriers, brings the air cargo process full circle. I am grateful for my membership as a young professional with the ACI-NA Cargo Steering Committee, which has opened my eyes to the world of cargo beyond O’Hare. My committee colleagues have encouraged and supported my growth at conferences, presentations, and beyond. As a young professional, it is reassuring to know that I will continue to forge connections and contribute toward positive changes in the field. It has been a privilege to work at an airport that plays such a vital role in keeping global trade moving forward, and I look forward to any challenges the world of air cargo may present.