2020 Air Service Data Seminar Presentations

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Wednesday, January 8

Roundtable Session: Former Airline Representatives Share Their Advice (No presentation available)

  • Carol Obermeier, Director, Air Service Development, Southwest Florida International Airport (Moderator)
  • Christopher de Man, Manager, Air Service Development, Halifax International Airport Authority
  • Nico Gurwicz, Director, Campbell-Hill Aviation Group
  • Nicholas Haan, Principal, Air Service Development, Crawford, Murphy & Tilly
  • Andrew Pierini, Director of Air Service and Marketing, Tulsa Airport Authority

Roundtable Session: Demographics

  • Carl Schultz, Director Airline Business Development, Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (Moderator)
  • Mark Haneke, Air Service Development Marketing Manager, Sacramento County Airport System
  • Marie Manning, Director, Marketing & Business Development, St. John’s International Airport Authority
  • Greg Willis, Marketing Program Manager, Jacksonville Aviation Authority

Data Session: Schedule Data

Data Session: Alternative Sources of Data

Data Session: U.S. T-100 and Origin and Destination Survey Data

  • Nicolás Mirman, Senior Consultant, Ailevon Pacific Aviation Consulting
  • Jeff Sigmon, Director, InterVISTAS Consulting Group

Data Session: Ticketing and Booking

  • Brach Crider, Principal – Air Service Consulting, Mead & Hunt
  • Will Livsey, Head of Customer Support, Product Development, Cirium

Roundtable Session: Building and Maintaining Air Service – Retaining an Airline from Incentives and Beyond (No presentation available)

  • Bryan Dietz, Vice President Air Service Development, Pittsburgh International Airport (Moderator)
  • Anthony Gilmer, Director of Marketing & Air Service, Louisville Regional Airport Authority
  • Carol Hewitt, Director, Route Development, Edmonton International Airport
  • Kazue Ishiwata, Senior Manager, Air Service Development, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
  • Brian Pratte, Air Service Administrator, San Antonio Airport System

Thursday, January 9

Air Service Small Airport Challenges (No presentation available)

  • Chip Gentry, Senior Manager of Air Service, Research and Development, Memphis-Shelby County Airport Authority
  • TJ Williams, Vice President, Air Service Development, Birmingham Airport Authority

Air Service Resources (No presentation available)

  • Kirk Lovell, Director of Air Service & Business Development, Horry County Department of Airports
  • Mark Mattio, Head of Sales, Americas, OAG

Air Service Policy (No presentation available)

  • Howard Mann, Vice President, Campbell-Hill Aviation Group

Data Session: Quality of Service Index

  • Ilona Cambron, Director of Air Service Development, ASM
  • Jeff Pelletier, Managing Director, Airline Data Inc

Roundtable Session: Developing Air Cargo Service at Your Airport

Roundtable Session: Current Airline Representatives Share Their Advice

  • Maggie Bishop, Business Development Analyst, Indianapolis Airport Authority (Moderator)
  • Nate Barker, Senior Manager, Southwest Airlines  (No presentation available)
  • Andrei Lazar, Senior Network Planning Manager – North America, Air Canada (No presentation available)
  • Philippe Puech, Manager, Network Planning, American Airlines (No presentation available)
  • Eric Tanner, Senior Analyst- Route Planning, JetBlue Airways

Roundtable Session: Beyond Network Planning (No presentation available)

  • Pat Rowe, Director, Air Service Development, Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport (Moderator)
  • Stephen Schuler, Director, Communications, Spirit Airlines
  • Paul Zigler, Senior Manager of Commercial Planning, Southwest Airlines

Roundtable Session: Wrap-up Session – Putting together the information

  • Chip Gentry, Senior Manager of Air Service, Research and Development, Memphis-Shelby County Airport Authority
  • Lori Lynah, Director of Marketing & Air Service Development, Savannah Airport Commission

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