Tom Anderson

Tom Anderson is Archer’s Chief Operating Officer, Urban Air Mobility. In his role, Anderson oversees and directs Archer’s planned UAM operations, primarily focused on establishing its commercial operating service. Anderson comes to Archer after three years at Breeze Airways, where he served as Chief Operating Officer. Prior to that, he spent five years at ATR Aircraft as Senior Vice President, Programs and Customer Services. He also previously held high-level positions at Airbus, Virgin America and Boeing and was part of the initial launch team that took JetBlue from concept to its first flights. Anderson’s deep experience in airline management, operations, and fleet maintenance will help the company commercialize a UAM service utilizing the eVTOL aircraft Archer is developing. Tom earned a BS in Business from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He holds an MS in Transportation, Economics, Business & Engineering from Northwestern University. Tom is also a licensed aircraft technician and pilot.