Evanicio Costa

Evanicio is an Associate Technical Fellow and Principal Lead Engineer for Boeing. He is an industry expert on airport operations, planning, and design. Evanicio leads Boeing’s technical areas of airport/airplane configuration development, influencing aircraft design and aircraft/airport compatibility. In the last several years, he has worked closely with the aviation community to introduce 747-8 airplanes into airports worldwide. Currently, he leads the 777X airport entrance into service effort worldwide. Evanicio is actively engaged with the industry, leading several working groups of international experts – developing and promulgating airport infrastructure design and operations standards. Including leadership roles at the International Coordinating Council of Aerospace Industries Associations (ICCAIA) as: • Nominated Member of ICAO Aerodrome Design and Operations Panel (ADOP). • Chairman – ICAO Aerodrome Reference Code Task Force. • Chairman – US Technical Advisory Group / ISO TC20/SC 17 Airport Infrastructure. • Advisor and Boeing’s Principal Investigator to the FAA – Research & Development Advisory Committee. • Advisor to EASA Aerodromes Technical Committee. • Vice-Chairman to the International Industry Working Group (IIWG). As an industry expert, he serves as Boeing’s technical consultant to airlines, airports, and civil aviation authorities to ensure Boeing airplanes operate safely worldwide.