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ACI-NA Members:

At the core of our mission, ACI-NA exists to provide you – our members – with valuable intelligence to help you arrive at better business decisions.

Members always tell me the real value of ACI-NA comes through our ability to advance airport industry priorities in Washington and Ottawa, provide valuable education and essential industry intelligence by keeping the pulse of the issues impacting airport operations, and foster industry collaboration by creating a forum to develop and exchange best practices.

All of the work we do at ACI-NA is driven by our members through their continued engagement with ACI-NA.  Our organization is stronger when our members remain engaged.

One of the most impactful ways to participate in ACI-NA is through our vibrant and highly relevant committee structure.  ACI-NA’s committees represent every facet of the airport industry.  If you or your teams are not already part of a committee, I encourage everyone to join one or more.  There is no limit to your organization’s involvement with ACI-NA through our committees.

Thank you for your continued participation in your trade association.

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Kevin M. Burke
President and CEO

ACI-NA's Committees

Collaboration is a top priority for North American airports. ACI-NA’s leadership and knowledge is driven by engaged members who seek a robust forum for dynamic collaboration and the development of industry excellence. ACI-NA offers its members a wide variety of tools, resources, staff expertise, and educational programs to keep you ahead of the curve.

ACI-NA’s committees, which represent all facets of airport management and operations, develop and execute projects to assist airports in delivering safe, secure and efficient experiences to travelers. Committee members also work with federal regulators and aviation industry groups to promote the best interests of airports.  Any employee of an ACI-NA member company can participate on any committee, receive updates, and network with industry peers.  Check out ACI-NA’s robust committee structure >>

Contact ACI-NA’s Veronica S. Haynes to update your committee assignments.


ACI-NA advocates for policies that strengthen the ability of airports to serve their passengers, customers and communities. Recognized as The Voice of Airports®, ACI-NA presents the unique views and recommendations of airport management to federal, state, provincial and local governments, industry, the media and the general public. We promote the cooperation with all elements of the commercial civil aviation industry, encourage the exchange of ideas, information and experiences on common airport issues and create opportunities to discuss key airport policy and business issues within the ACI-NA membership.  Learn how ACI-NA is advancing airport industry priorities in Washington and Ottawa >>


ACI-NA hosts a variety of education opportunities for members. With its conferences and webinars, ACI-NA provides airport and aviation professionals with opportunities to advance their careers and keep up with industry issues and trends.


ACI-NA organizes more than 20 conferences annually in the United States and Canada that are attended by more than 4,500 attendees to help broaden the industry’s knowledge and enhance professional development.  ACI-NA members receive special discount pricing on all ACI-NA events.

ACI-NA provides each attendee with a unique experience comprised of valuable networking, educational, and leadership development opportunities. Attendees can often earn continuing professional education credits at ACI-NA programs.  Check out our upcoming events >>


Networking is essential for airport industry professionals to cultivate new relationships and strengthen existing connections in ACI-NA’s committees and at conferences.  ACI-NA’s educational initiatives are designed to keep you on top of industry trends.

If your organization is a member, your entire staff can take advantage of ACI-NA resources.

Use ACI-NA resources to:

Global Training

Though Airports Council International (ACI World), leadership offerings include executive management, professional accreditation, subject-matter competency, and personalized in-house training courses, as well as a wide range of web-based coursework.  Learn more about ACI World global training opportunities >>

ACI-NA works closely with ACI World to provide training and professional certification to our North American membership, both in-person and online, throughout the year. ACI-NA members enjoy discounts at every ACI World event.


ACI-NA offers a variety of research and resources to help our members stay ahead of the curve to best serve their passengers, customers and communities. From fact sheets on policy issues to surveys, reports and resources to travelers tools, ACI-NA has the tools you need to stay informed.

Stay Current on Emerging Trends

Receive ACI-NA’s publications – available to every airport employee – for free with your airport’s membership.

  • Centerlines Today: A member favorite, the daily e-newsletter is delivered straight to your inbox, serving as your morning primer on industry news.
  • Centerlines Magazine: ACI-NA’s semi-annual flagship magazine – and now blog – takes a deep dive into the challenges facing modern airports.
  • Membership Directory: ACI-NA’s membership directory helps connect airport decision makers with their peers and innovative solution providers.
  • ACI-NA Annual North America Traffic Report: This must-have resource provides details in-depth analysis of air traffic trends.
  • Committee Briefs: Receive regular, up-to-the-minute updates on important airport management issues through ACI-NA’s committee system.
  • The Airport Voice: ACI-NA’s Canadian members receive an informative newsletter from CAC on the latest public policy developments facing the industry.

Best-in-Class Research

ACI-NA delivers best-in-class data and research on all facets of the airport industry.  ACI-NA also establishes cross-functional task forces to help the industry better understand emerging challenges, like transportation network companies, unmanned aerial vehicles, and concessions management.  Select resources include:

  • ACI-NA Infrastructure Needs Study: This study details a comprehensive scope of airport infrastructure projects, including those projects not eligible for Airport Improvement Program (AIP) grant funding.  ACI-NA estimates that U.S. airports have a collective funding need of $100 billion through 2021 to successfully complete these projects.
  • Airport Business Term Survey: ACI-NA conducts this survey to catalogue commonly understood airport and aviation business practices and agreement terms.
  • Compensation & Benefits Benchmarking Survey: ACI-NA provides the only industry-specific compensation and benefits benchmarking survey for North America’s airports to monitor salary growth and benefits.
  • Guest Experience Management and Passenger Amenities Survey: This survey provides a snapshot of airport amenities and passenger services at airports across North America.

Centerlines Connect

Centerlines Connect is a members-only resource for discussing and sharing ideas. Members can access committee-based discussion forums to collaborate on files, share information and discuss topics important to the airport industry.  Access Centerlines Connect now >>

Sponsorship and Exhibit Opportunities

Sponsoring an ACI-NA conference or meeting offers your company a prime opportunity to network with existing clients and showcase your company’s goods and services to prospective customers in your target market. ACI-NA offers a variety of opportunities for companies of all sizes to sponsor any of our annual conferences and meetings and reach our airport and aviation-related business members.

ACI-NA’s members enplane more than 95 percent of domestic and virtually all the international airline passenger and cargo traffic in North America. ACI-NA’s membership consists of more than 200 airport members, operating 360 North American airports, and nearly 400 aviation-related businesses. Learn more about sponsoring or exhibiting at an ACI-NA event >>

Learn More About Member Benefits

ACI-NA membership offers valuable benefits to both airport and aviation-related business professionals.  See complete member benefits for each category below.

Any airport geographically located within the United States or Canada

Any entity that has sufficient governmental authority to own or operate a commercial service airport within the boundaries of the United States or Canada

Any airport geographically located within the U.S. or Canada that has chosen to participate in another ACI region OR any General Aviation airport which operates independently of commercial operating airport authorities.

Any existing ACI member from another region who chooses to pay a membership fee to ACI-NA to participate in the activities of the North America region. Dues are 20% of the regular airport member dues.

This includes all National Airports System (NAS) airports, which handle more than 95 percent of the passenger traffic in Canada. CAC membership is open to any non-Transport Canada operated airports and associations of airport operators.

Companies and organizations that provide products and services to our airport members.

Any World Business Partner member in good standing from another ACI region who chooses to pay a membership fee to participate in North American region activities.