2020 Innovation@Airports Conference Presentations

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Tuesday, January 28

Session 1: The VC view of Airport Potential (No presentations available)

  • Naashom Marx, Senior Manager, Strategic Innovation, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (Moderator)
  • Stonly Baptiste, Founder, Urban Us
  • Dr. Clyde Hutchinson, Partner, Journey Partners

Session 2: Why are airports developing innovation programs? (No presentations available)

  • Alexis Higgins, Chief Executive Officer, Tulsa Airport Authority (Moderator)
  • Paul Puopolo, Executive Vice President of Innovation, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport
  • Elizabeth Dwernychuk, Director Digital Program, Edmonton International Airport

Session 3: Why is it so hard to do business with an airport? (No presentations available)

  • Jack Appelbaum, Deloitte Consulting (Moderator)
  • Peter Gargiulo, 4QD Strategy Consulting
  • Philipp Schett, Detecon Inc.
  • Montee Fiely, Arora Technology Group

Session 4: Case Study: Alaska Air at SFO Hackathon

  • Humphrey Loe, Solutions Architect, San Francisco International Airport (Moderator)
  • Mike Lorengo, Information Technology Architecture and Infrastructure, Alaska Air Group

Session 5: State of Innovation

Session 6: How do airports choose an innovation model? (No presentations available)

  • Lorena de Rodriguez, President, Safety and Security Instruction (SSI) (Moderator)
  • Andrew Khouw, Airport Innovation, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
  • Christian Kessler, Operations, Process and Policy Department Manager, Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority
  • Linda Schucroft, Director, Innovative Travel Solutions, Vancouver Airport Authority

Session 7: Do Airports-University Partnerships Lead to Startup Companies? (No presentations available)

  • Martha Edge, Innovation and Experience Director, Charlotte Douglas International Airport (Moderator)
  • Samantha Stedford, Director of Customer Experience, Pittsburgh International Airport
  • Anuraag Jain, founder, Zensors

Session 8: How do Airports Promote & Support a Culture of Innovation? (No presentations available)

  • Samuel Ingalls, Aviation Professional (Moderator)
  • Melissa Solberg, Sustainability and Wellness Manager, Tampa International Airport
  • Aaron Zhou, Associate Director, Long Range Planning, Greater Toronto Airports Authority

Wednesday, January 29

Strategy Innovation Workshop (No presentation available)

  • Dave Viotti,Founder and CEO of SMALLIFY

The Future of Airport Innovation Collaboration (No presentation available)

  • Marcus Session, Vice President Information Technology, Tampa International Airport

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