Leveraging Innovation to Achieve Organizational Success
How are airports fostering a culture of innovation? // How do airports grow innovative ideas?

Join us to learn how airports can innovate and
take lessons learned back to your airport.

Airport Innovation
Culture // Partnerships // Organization // Process // Strategy // Case Studies

Adjusting to and planning for the ever-changing airport environment is increasingly difficult. To move beyond innovation as a mere buzzword in order to tap its transformative potential, airports should understand that it’s more than just technology; it’s a focus on non-aeronautical revenue, business development, passenger experience, a process centered on people that requires a culture shift and most importantly, it requires executive-level commitment.

This event brings together airport professionals focused on innovation, whether an airport has an established innovation program or is at the start of their innovation journey. The meeting is designed to focus on the organizational and structural variables that are necessary for airports to embrace an innovative culture and the ability to leverage innovation and resources.

This meeting is focused on the organizational foundations airports should consider to leverage innovation within their own environments, rather than demonstrating the latest innovative products at airports or start-ups.

Who Should Attend

Any professional interested in learning about aviation trends or meeting industry leaders, including:

  • Innovation Professionals
  • Revenue and Strategy Professionals
  • Technology Professionals
  • Passenger Facilitation and Security Professionals
  • Operations Professionals
  • Those responsible for innovation and strategy airport practices

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