Myron Keehn

In his 16 years with Edmonton Airports, Myron led many of the innovative developments at the airport including the creation of the Airport Sustainability Campus vision – an integrated ecosystem to foster innovation, attract investment and create jobs, all with an ESG (environmental, social and governance practices) and DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) focus.

In the last nine years, Myron, in close coordination with all EIA departments, led the attraction of over $1.5 billion in private investment to Edmonton Airports and positioned Edmonton Airports as a global airport leader in ESG and innovation, with initiatives such as signing the Amazon Climate Pledge, leading in the adoption of hydrogen, the soon to be built world’s largest airport-based solar farm, and using drones for runway inspection and commercial cargo delivery. He also led the development of the Regional Air Service Opportunity Fund – a cooperative effort among most of the region’s 14 municipalities to drive cargo growth and increase air service. Cargo has been a major focus for Myron and this past July, the Federal Government announced a $100M investment in Edmonton International Airport’s International Cargo Hub, a 2,000-acre multi-modal global logistics and handling operation. Myron’s leadership was instrumental in all these initiatives.