ACI-NA Releases 2017 Passenger Amenities Survey

March 2, 2017


PHOENIX – Airports Council International – North America (ACI-NA) today released the 2017 ACI-NA Guest Experience Management and Passenger Amenities Survey, a snapshot of airport amenities and passenger services at airports across North America.  The results of the survey were unveiled at the 2017 Airport Customer Experience Symposium in Phoenix, AZ.

“North American airports are continually expanding and enhancing their passenger experience programs and amenities to provide an enjoyable and efficient experience for airport users,” said ACI-NA President and CEO Kevin M. Burke.  “Whether engaging with passengers through an animal therapy program to instill a sense of calm in a busy terminal or providing ample electrical charging stations for mobile devices, airports are committed to not only meeting passengers’ expectations but exceeding them.”

The 2017 ACI-NA Guest Experience Management and Passenger Amenities Survey is designed to assist airport customer service professionals in understanding industry-wide approaches to guest experience management and customer service best practices in the airport environment. 69 North American airports – accounting for more than 76 percent of North American passenger traffic – provided feedback for the 2017 survey.

In addition to exploring airport industry adoption of nine core competencies and functions that are part of a strategic enterprise-wide approach to guest experience management, the 2017 survey examines the deployment of guest experience management programs.

Most Common Passenger Amenities

North American airports offer a full array of passenger amenities and services to enhance the passenger experience.  The survey benchmarks 91 common airport passenger amenities and services by airport hub size.  The top 10 most commonly offered airport amenities and services in 2017 are:

1.ATM Services

2.Gift Shops / News Stands

3.Airport Websites

4.Electrical Charging Stations

5.Restaurants and Bars

6.Lost and Found

7.Parking / Taxi and Limousine Services

8.Free Wi-Fi

9.Pre-Security Pet Relief Facilities

10.Food and Beverage Vending Machines

Passenger Amenities Outlook

Over the next three to five years, passengers can expect new and expanded airport amenities and services, including nursing mothers’ rooms and pods, post-security pet relief facilities, children’s play areas, airfield observation areas, and adult changing and washroom facilities as the top-rated amenities likely to appear in North American airport terminals.

As passenger needs change, airports are beginning to phase out unnecessary or redundant amenities and services.  The top three rated amenities likely to be eliminated or replaced in the next three to five years are payphones, banking services, and smoking rooms.

The 2017 ACI-NA Guest Experience Management and Passenger Amenities Survey is available on the ACI-NA website.