Airports Council Associate Member Involvement Drives Collaboration and Learning

ACI-NA’s mission is to serve as the Voice of Airports® in Washington and Ottawa and be a fierce advocate for airport industry priorities.  We owe our success to the many members across the industry who have contributed their time, talent, and expertise to helping us navigate the challenges we have confronted for nearly three years.

To help airports coalesce around these challenges and exchange best practices, we have resumed our full slate of in-person meetings and conferences.  We are proud of our reputation as an industry resource for valuable learning and exchange.  Bringing our conferences back post-pandemic has been a full team effort. Just as the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted air travel, it has also impacted the way we present conferences and other professional development opportunities.  As such, we are excited about the launch of our U.S. Airport Professional program as an online learning resource for those seeking to expand their knowledge about strategic leadership within the industry.



Additionally, the participation of our World Business Partner (WBP) and Associate Members has never been more important.  Our WBP and Associate members bring best-in-class knowledge and expertise to complex challenges. We are grateful for an active WBP and Associates Board of Directors and for the associate members who are active within our committees.

ACI‐NA WBP and Associate members represent the wide variety of private industry businesses that provide products, equipment and services to airports and the aviation industry. Through this program, ACI‐NA World Business Partners and Associate members work with ACI‐NA Airport members to address industry issues and discuss new technologies and innovative ideas.

We are currently accepting nominations for our WBP/Associates Board of Directors.  If you are interested in applying, please contact for more information.

We appreciate the time, energy, and dedication which our airport and associate members brought to the table.  It has helped ensure that the association will continue to strengthen the ability of airports in North America to serve their passengers, customers, and communities in the years ahead.