Passenger Confidence Amid COVID-19: Seeing Is Believing Webinar

Solutions Showcase presented by Flagship Aviation Services.


Airlines are struggling to regain passenger trust as air travel recovery proceeds slowly amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and international travel remains restricted. A recent article in ACI Insights indicates that of the top ten actions airports can take to enhance customer confidence and satisfaction, the number one action is strengthening their health measures to provide “a feeling of safety and a healthy environment”.

At this point, most airports have already increased the frequency of their cleaning processes and are using EPA-approved disinfectants, especially on high-touch surfaces. Many have started nightly electrostatic disinfection of large spaces. But, most of this work is done behind the scenes and travelers cannot see the efforts being made on their behalf.

What if airports could gather data on the movement of customers throughout their facilities and deploy cleaning teams to the busiest areas in the busiest travel times to proactively address issues as they arise? What if airports could move from time-based cleaning to demand-based cleaning? What if customers could see your crews working on behalf of their health and safety?

Flagship and TRAX team up to answer that “What if?” in this webinar by talking about the marriage of IOT, innovation and real time data analytics in airports to drive reduced inventory costs, rebalanced staff schedules, improved communications and ultimately – increased passenger confidence.

Featured Speakers:

Tracy Davis
Vice President // President and CEO
Infax, Inc. // TRAX Analytics, LLC.

Don Toole
Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Courtney Wright, FMP
Senior Director of Business Development

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