Encouraging Safe Travel and Working in the COVID Environment

Solutions Showcase presented by Airport Dimensions.


Airport Dimensions has reopened over 50% of their shared-use lounge locations known as The Club with a three-phased plan and are closely monitoring the return of travel in the U.S. All of this with the guidance provided by local officials, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and Dr. Simon Worrell, Global Medical Director of Airport Dimensions’ parent company, Collinson.

Over the past year, a global pandemic on a scale previously unseen in our lifetimes changed the world as we know it. People were told to stay home. Travel stopped. Fear reigned. Transactions hit rock bottom. During this time Airport Dimensions parent company, Collinson has shown it is committed to getting the world travelling safely again, making great strides across various initiatives with testing clinics.

Moderated by Jeff Livney, Chief Experience Officer, Grab.

Featured Speakers

Kenneth Buchanan
Executive Vice President
Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

Chris Gwilliam
Vice President, Business Development
Airport Dimensions

David Sarafinas
Vice President, Medical and Security Assistance



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