Lise D’Andrea

With more than 30 years in the Airport Customer Experience arena, Lise has extensive experience in designing strategic airport-specific programs for improving customer service and top-line revenue. A graduate of Temple University, Lise leveraged her college foundation in marketing and communications into a career of customer experience, training, and human resources for corporations with renowned service cultures, including Xerox Corporation, Hilton Hotels, and Saks Fifth Avenue. With corporate experience in Hospitality, B to B, and National retail with a focus on improving customer experiences, Lise founded CXE in 1993. Her proven success in partnering with clients to develop airport-wide customer experience strategies has resulted in award-winning programs that recognize CXE as the airport industry leader in comprehensive CX and EX strategies. Lise’s current role leads strategic consulting and visioning for client programs and supports executive-level collaboration in developing client service cultures and customer experience and employee experience improvement strategies. A recognized industry leader, CXE works with airports, retail, dining, sports venues, recreation, and attractions clients to create some of the most innovative and successful customer experience improvement programs in the nation. With a stronghold in the airport arena, CXE is known for designing strategic customer experience and service culture programs that span across all customer-facing teams, and from the C suite to the front line. CXE offers a robust suite of services including: • Airport -wide service culture development and service standards • Mystery shopping and service evaluation programs • Customer and employee satisfaction surveys • Performance measurement & coaching programs • eLearning and instructor-led training • Front line and Leadership Training • DiSC work style assessments and training • Recognition and appreciation programs • Price Audits – Street Pricing