Solomon Wong

Vice Chair

President & CEO

InterVISTAS Consulting Inc.


Solomon Wong is President and CEO of InterVISTAS, a global consulting firm with services in market analyses, policy development, planning and strategies related to the movement of people and goods.

He has a track record on regulatory and technological change and has helped to implement solutions for a range of private/public sector clients. In the late 1990s, Solomon assisted in the business cases for trusted traveler programs. In the 2000s, he developed the business case and analyses for simplification of processes, including elimination of aviation security re-screening and border kiosk automation.  In the 2010s, his achievements included developing models to eliminate baggage recheck and other initiatives to reduce minimum connect time (MCTs) at hub airports. Results of his work have informed planning of new facilities throughout the US and Canada.

He is active on ACI committees, serving on the facilitation committee as an associate member for both ACI-NA and ACI World. In addition, he has contributed to the Airport Industry Recovery Advisory Panel (AIRAP). Solomon is an advocate for the advancement of airport technologies and has contributed to several Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) reports including the recently published ACRP report 233 “Airport Biometrics: A Primer”; as well as an ongoing project to develop an “Airport Blockchain Implementation Guidebook.” The key aspect of research Solomon is advancing are advanced practices and models for privacy management balanced with a positive customer experience. He is also active on Future Borders Coalition, to help the strategy in North America for border improvements across aviation, maritime and surface modes of transportation.

Solomon is a former board member on the Airports Consultants Council and has spoken regularly at industry events on the evolution of transportation and strategic planning. He is very passionate about sustainability and has demonstrated this by contributing to ACI World’s efforts on countering illegal trafficking of wildlife. Equality, diversity, and inclusion is also a priority of his, and through his leadership has advanced EDI within InterVISTAS.

He is an urban planner by training and wrote his Master’s thesis on noise exposure around airports.  Outside his professional life, he is enjoying seeing the world through his two boys (aged 6 and 9) and planning future family travels as pandemic measures start to subside.

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