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What’s next in the move towards a low emission, highly efficient airport?

There are many actions that can be taken to improve both energy and process efficiency as well as to reduce emissions and reliance on hydrocarbon based energy sources for airport assets and infrastructure. In addition, with the exponential growth of new ‘smart’ technological products, it may be applicable to your airport to creating greater efficiencies. These range from major infrastructure projects to electrification of airside and other fleet vehicles, to a huge range of technologies.

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution and choosing the correct path typically requires balancing different factors and priorities. Chosen solutions for major projects must have a horizon of 30 years or more, so how do you to ensure the chosen solutions are the right ones? We have developed the smart scoping study to help guide you through the decision making process in a structured and rigorous manner.



Roger Durham

Global Head of Business Development – Consulting


Karol Ceynowa

Global Head of Energy Business Advisory (EBA)



Roger leads business development for the Energy Business Advisory (EBA) and Power Systems Consulting (PSC) practices. He has over 20 years experience in both finding and implementing solutions for major green and brown field projects with top tier international customers.


Karol holds more than 15 years’ working experience and is head of EBA with more than 80 consultants globally. He has worked as management consultant and Energy Practice Lead with many national and international customers in the smart infrastructure sector on board and top management level.

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