February 5, 2021
1:00 PM – 2:15 PM ET

The aviation industry, governments and the traveling public generally agree that COVID-19 testing regimes can enhance the safety of air travel. Implementing testing, however, is a challenge no matter the size or location of an airport.

Over the past few months, the questions most frequently asked on committee and hub size calls have been about testing at airports:

  • Whether or not to provide COVID-19 testing at airports;
  • Where to locate COVID-19 testing sites at airports;
  • How to choose a model that suits their passenger needs;
  • How to engage with stakeholders;
  • How to structure protocols; and
  • How to keep track of which airports have established programs.

ACI-NA’s upcoming webinars on COVID-19 testing will feature airports that have established testing sites, sharing their insights and the common thread of adapting to rapidly changing variables. Each webinar will also allow for plenty of time for Q&A so come prepared to join the discussion.

This session will feature a panel of airports discussing how they came to the decision to offer testing at the airport, what their evaluation process entailed, what unexpected challenges and opportunities have arisen, and how they assess when to adapt the program.


Adam Bouchard
Director of Operations
Tampa International Airport

Andy Davis
Senior Director, Terminal Operations
Calgary Airport Authority

Kevin Kone
Acting Chief Financial Officer
San Francisco International Airport

Ryan Tenny
Senior Manager of Customer Experience & Terminal Services
Connecticut Airport Authority
Bradley International Airport

Moderated by

Chellie Cameron
Chief Executive Officer
Philadelphia International Airport

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