FAA Office of Airports External SMS for Part 139 Airports

Transport Canada’s SMS Website – You can find implementation plans, FAQs, and guidance material

ACI-NA/AAAE 2023 Summer Airport SMS Webinar Series

ACI-NA SMS Activation Checklist Template

Airport Cooperative Research Program

Airports Council International’s SMS Page

ICAO – Integrated Safety Management Section

Safety Management Systems: 2016 Supplemental Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (SNPRM)

SMS SNPRM Rulemaking Document-All of FAA’s supporting material is posted here as well as all filed comments

Draft Advisory Circular (AC) 150/5200-37A, Safety Management Systems for Airports

List of 2015 SMS SNPRM Airport Applicability

U.S. Airport Safety Management Systems (SMS) Update-July 20 Webinar Presentation

ACI-NA Request for Extension of Draft Advisory Circular (AC) 150/5200-37A-August 31, 2016

FAA Letter of Approval for Extension of Advisory Circular (AC) 150/5200-37A-September 8, 2016

ACI-NA Final Comments on SMS SNPRM-September 15, 2016

ACI-NA Final Comments on Draft Advisory Circular (AC) 150/5200-37A-November 10, 2016

If you have any questions, please contact Chris Oswald (coswald@airportscouncil.org) or Paul Eubanks (peubanks@airportscouncil.org) or you can call the ACI-NA office at (202) 293-8500.