Measuring performance is one key to successful and efficient management of airports. To help move toward a common performance benchmarking language for air cargo, the ACI-NA Air Cargo Committee determined that airports desiring to measure performance would benefit from the creation of a listing of potential measures.  Rather than a precise formula of ingredients, performance benchmarking for purposes of this project means the process of identifying best practices, understanding their meaning in relation to business and adopting these practices to help airports serving the cargo industry improve their performance.  

Project Leaders:

Andy Lyall
Marketing & Business Development, Manager Air Service Cargo Sales
Halifax Stanfield International Airport

Steven Peters

Project Members:

Bryan Dietz
Vice President, Air Service Development
Pittsburgh International Airport

Robert Andriulaitis
Vice President, Transportation & Logistics

Robin Boyd
Sr Aviation Property Specialist
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Int’l Airport

This initiative is intended to produce a check list that airports can use to evaluate where they currently stand and what their future potential might be to develop, maintain, and/or grow an air cargo operation. The eventual due diligence check list will enable an airport to readily identify what critical areas they need to investigate and evaluate prior to committing funds to the cargo business segment. This end product will also identify the primary business factors that are critical to a successful air cargo operation.

Project Leaders:

Dan Muscatello
DBM Aviation

David Lancaster
Director of Cargo Development
Lambert St.Louis International Airport

Lincoln Garraway
Director, Cargo Development
Hamilton International Airport 9300 Airport Road Suite 2206

Project Members

Adam Kressler
Project Coordinator, Customer Service
Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Intl. Airport

Bryan Schreiber
Business Development Manager, Air Cargo
Columbus Regional Airport Authority

Gene Meyers
Executive Deputy Director
Dane County Regional Airport

Greg Murphy
Executive Vice President

Michael Strouse
Project Manager, Leasing and Development
Los Angeles World Airports

Pierre Valiquette
Representative, Air Service Development
Aeroports De Montreal

Trudy Wassel
Division Operations Manager
Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport

It is generally accepted that there is a lack of detailed, publicly available data related to air cargo – especially compared to the data available on the passenger side of the aviation industry. This lack of reliable cargo data often limits meaningful market analysis by airports and other stakeholders. In turn, opportunities for developing business at airports and within their respective communities can be missed. The Air Cargo Data Project seeks to solve for this problem by:

  1. Identifying air cargo data needs and gaps;
  2. Understanding current air cargo data reporting and access issues;
  3. Engaging with stakeholders known to collect and maintain air cargo data;
  4. Leveraging ACI-NA’s position in the industry to affect change and improve air cargo data quality, availability, and accessibility.

Project Leaders:

Doug Bañez
Managing Director
Hubpoint Strategic Advisors

Alex Lowe
Manager, Cargo Business Development
Edmonton International Airport

The Working Group revised, pre-tested with selected airports, and launched the Air Cargo Facilities and Security Survey in April. The survey was last updated in 2003 and identified the tremendous range of airports operating environments relating to security. The primary objective of the survey is to use the results to create a substantive database to assist ACI-NA in coordinating with the North America federal security agencies, i.e. TSA and Transport Canada and other relevant agencies, in formulating cargo security-related policies.

Project Leader:

Cecilia Poister

Manager, Cargo Development

Allegheny County Airport Authority

The Associate Participation Survey is a survey sent to the Air Cargo Committee members for air cargo managers to better understand the industry issues they face and identify ways in which the Committee can formulate an action plan to address these issues. The results of the survey will steer the future direction of the Air Cargo Committee Work Plan and Projects.

Project Leader:

Dan Muscatello
DBM Aviation

Although cargo operations usually do not play a central role in an airport’s financial profile, the trade and business they generate for a metropolitan or regional economy is substantial (especially seen in larger cities).  With interest in cargo’s present-day bottom line expressed by ACI-NA members, the Cargo Revenues and Fees Working Group was tasked with examining charges and revenues generally associated with air cargo operations to determine best practices and policy recommendations that can improve productivity for most airports. The Working Group produced a paper summarizing pertinent conclusions and advocate key concepts that benefit most airports on this topic.

Project Leader:

Adam Rod
Assistant Commissioner – Planning
Chicago Department of Aviation