Measuring performance is one key to successful and efficient management of airports. To help move toward a common performance   benchmarking language for air cargo, the ACI-NA Air Cargo Committee determined that airports desiring to measure performance would benefit from the creation of a listing of potential measures.  Rather than a precise formula of ingredients, performance benchmarking for purposes of this project means the process of identifying best practices, understanding their meaning in relation to business and adopting these practices to help airports serving the cargo industry improve their performance.  

Project Leaders:

Andy Lyall
Marketing & Business Development, Manager Air Service Cargo Sales
Halifax Stanfield International Airport

Steven Peters
Email: steven.peters@jacobs.comm

Project Members:

Bryan Dietz
Vice President, Air Service Development
Pittsburgh International Airport

Robert Andriulaitis
Vice President, Transportation & Logistics

Robin Boyd
Sr Aviation Property Specialist
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Int’l Airport