ACI-NA Event Sponsorship Agreement – Terms & Conditions

Agreement Acknowledgment: By agreeing to these terms, the Sponsor (‘Sponsor’) acknowledges and agrees to the policies established by Airports Council International – North America (‘ACI-NA’) as may be amended from time to time. Any updates to our policies will appear online and will be communicated to the Sponsor via email regarding the sponsorship of the meeting, conference, or event (‘Event’) specified in the Sponsorship Application. The sponsorship, including benefits, becomes official upon receipt of the full amount (‘Sponsorship Fee’) from the Sponsor by ACI-NA, payable through credit card, check, or ACH/Wire transfer. Please note that all sponsorships are final and non-refundable.

Logo Use: The Sponsor grants ACI-NA a license to display the Sponsor’s logo, artwork, or other supplied marketing materials on printed and digital Event resources, including a hyperlink to the Sponsor’s website, in association with the Event and on Event-related digital platforms. The Sponsor confirms that this usage does not infringe on any third-party intellectual property or contractual rights. All materials on the ACI-NA Event website are provided “as is”, without any form of warranty, unless explicitly stated. In return, ACI-NA provides the Sponsor with the privilege to link to the Event on its website or social media channels.

Sponsorship Tabletop / Exhibit Space (if Applicable): If the sponsorship deliverable includes tabletop or exhibit space at the Event, ACI-NA will provide a table and two chairs. For certain Events, the exhibitor floor plan will be shared with the Sponsor prior to the Event, and the Sponsor will be given an opportunity to select their tabletop/exhibit space location. All additional furnishings, including but not limited to power, AV, shipping, setup, teardown, and other services, are the responsibility of the Sponsor. If the Event site has exclusive providers, ACI-NA will provide Sponsor with the list of names and contact information. The Sponsor is responsible for securing their own materials, equipment, and displays at all times. The Sponsor must adhere to all relevant federal, state, provincial, and local regulations, as well as venue-specific rules. Sponsor obligations include compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) within their allocated exhibit areas.

Cancellation: ACI-NA reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the Event due to unforeseen circumstances and will provide a full refund of the paid Sponsorship Fee. Other costs incurred by the Sponsor, such as airfare or hotel penalties, are the responsibility of the Sponsor.

Conflicting Events: ACI-NA prohibits any attendee or organization, including the Sponsor, from holding any promotional, social, meetings, or educational events, during the official dates and times of an ACI-NA event without prior approval from ACI-NA.

Networking Events: ACI-NA prohibits any attendee or organization, including the Sponsor, from holding any networking events at official ACI-NA venues during the conference dates, regardless of whether the ACI-NA event occurs on a different day.

Changes to Sponsorship Benefits: ACI-NA reserves the right to make changes to sponsorship benefits and deliverables to reflect the dynamic nature of event planning throughout the year. Significant changes, if any, will be communicated via email to the Sponsor.

Indemnification: To the extent permitted by law, ACI-NA and the Sponsor each agree to protect, indemnify, defend and hold harmless the other party and their respective officers, employees, agents, and independent contractors from and against all claims, losses or damages to persons or property, governmental charges or fines, and costs (including reasonable attorney’s fees), arising out or alleged to arise out of the negligence or willful misconduct of the indemnifying party in connection with the Event.

ACI-NA Event and Meeting Policies: Every participating Sponsor registrant agrees to abide by the ACI-NA Event and Meeting Policies. Any scenarios not addressed by this Agreement or the stated Event and Meeting Policies will be handled at the discretion of ACI-NA.

Sponsor Confirmation: If no confirmation of sponsorship arrives within two weeks after the submission of the sponsorship application or payment, the Sponsor is advised to contact