The purpose of this working group is to identify and implement membership outreach initiative. Working group membership includes officers and past chairs of this Committee. Efforts include phone calls and email communication to airports that have not been participating at the ACI-NA Business of Airports Conference, CFO Summit or any ACI-NA branded surveys, including the financial benchmarking survey and the business term survey, or airports that have newly appointed finance professional. This effort would help ensure that we engage as many airports as possible in the Committee projects and events.

Working Group 2018 Chair

Brian McGonagle
Department Director of Finance
Lee County Port Authority Southwest Florida International Airport

Working Group 2018 Projects

1) Use the ACI-NA member airport list to identify participation in (a) 2017 Business of Airports Conference, (b) 2017 CFO Summit, (c) financial benchmarking survey, and (d) business term survey.

2) Develop a priority list of airports with low or no participation.

3) Develop slides introducing the ACI-NA Finance Committee, its working groups, activities, and resources.

4) Assign airports on the priority list to members of the working group to call or follow up with email to (a) determine reasons for low participation, (b) identify improvements ACI-NA can make, and (c) introduce committee.

5) Send out welcome letters to first time attendees of the Business of Airports Conference and/or the CFO Summit. Connect with first time attendees at the Conference to make them feel welcomed by the Committee.