Robotic Cleaning for Airports: Efficiency, Safety and Peace of Mind

Solutions Showcase Presented by Nilfisk.



Travelers are more concerned than ever about cleanliness and safety, particularly when it comes to airports and hotels. Is your airport meeting the needs of high-demand cleaning with your current staff? Robotic floor cleaning is proving to not only be a game-changer for labor, but gives travelers the confidence to feel safe and protected. If you’re ready to learn about how robotic floor cleaning can transform the way you clean and your airport’s perception to travelers, this webinar is for you. You’ll learn the basics about what robotic floor cleaning is, why it’s more important than ever, plus the technology Nilfisk has to offer. You’ll also get a sneak peek at how Nilfisk’s ground-breaking UVGI technology is challenging the way we look at disinfection for flooring.

Featured Speakers

Scott Elmore
Vice President, Communications and Marketing

Jack Anderson
Business Development Manager for Autonomous Solutions

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