RIAC is seeking RFP from qualified Firms to provide legal services for a five (5) year term on an on-call basis. Selected Legal Firms are expected to enter into RIAC’s form Letter of Engagement attached to the RFP. RIAC reserves the right to add terms specific to the engagement. Legal Firms are also expected to follow RIAC’s legal billing requirements. Legal services are divided into ten (10) distinct areas of representation. Qualified Firms are encouraged to respond to as few or as many of the areas of representation as would be appropriate for the Firm. RIAC may award one or more contracts for any combination of services including specific tasks within a subcategory. This RFP in its entirety may be downloaded from the RIAC website at: www.flyri.com/riac/procurement
Submission Deadline: December 15, 2022
Submitting Organization: Rhode Island Airport Corporation
On Call Legal Services