The Wayne County Airport Authority (Airport Authority) is requesting quotes from an authorized dealer and service provider for the purchase of OEM General Motors (GM) parts and repair services to be ordered as-needed for a term of (4) four years commencing January 26, 2021. The Successful Respondent’s (Contractor’s) facility must be within 20 miles of Detroit Metro Airport (703 West Service Drive, Detroit, MI 48242) as determined by MapQuest, Google Maps, etc. The Respondent must be an authorized dealer of GM parts and must have a GM factory authorized repair facility at its location, as the Airport Authority does not allow their vehicles to be sent to a subcontractor’s repair facility, unless pre-approved in advance by the Airport Authority. All repairs shall have a minimum of a one (1) year warranty. Vehicles that are drivable will be transported to the repair facility by WCAA staff. Vehicles that are not drivable will be towed to the repair facility by WCAA’s towing contractor. Delivery of parts is required no later than five (5) calendar days after ordered.
Submission Deadline: August 5, 2020 2 pm Eastern
Submitting Organization: Wayne County Airport Authority
OEM GM Parts Repair Services