The Kenton County Airport Board (“KCAB”) is soliciting bids for Valves and Associated Equipment for use at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (“CVG”). The Environmental Operations department is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the airport’s environmental system. The environmental system includes infrastructure that is designed to capture, convey, store, and treat impacted stormwater. The stormwater is captured via trench drains on deice pads or other drains located throughout the impervious surfaces of the airport. Once the stormwater is captured, it enters various pumpstations and is conveyed through miles of pipelines to either tanks or direct flow to the stormwater treatment plant. Various valves and associated equipment are utilized throughout the environmental system to divert water to the proper location and to improve the efficiency of flow through the pumpstations.
Submission Deadline: 06.01.2023 2:00PM
Submitting Organization: Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG)
23 48 Valves and Associated Equipment