The project includes 120/240 volt electrical work, installation of CCTV camera pole, and installation of fiber communication cable from the airport security building to the Airport Viewing Area (AVA). The work area encompasses the security building, street side maintenance-hole access, airfield security identification area, and the public AVA. The successful bidder must complete the following: 1) provide 12 strand single mode fiber cable from the security building network room, via existing communication duct bank maintenance-holes, hand-holes, and bidder installed new conduit, to the AVA; 2) provide a new weatherproof communication network cabinet at the AVA; 3) install new 25-foot CCTV pole, along with the power and communication conduit serving the pole; 4) replace the remote located single-phase 120/240 volt electric service equipment, and install a new below grade feeder to the aircraft viewing area; and 5) remove an obsolete fiberglass equipment enclosure, and reconnect with new conduit, cable, and hand-holes the branch circuit served from the enclosure.
Submission Deadline: 30-Mar-2023 @ 2:00 p.m. ET
Submitting Organization: Kenton County Airport Board / Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG)
23 19 Airplane Viewing Area AVA Fiber Electric