The Kenton County Airport Board (“KCAB”) is soliciting bids for CARUSOL C - Liquid Sodium Permanganate for use by the Environmental Operations Department at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (“CVG”). Liquid sodium permanganate is a strong oxidizer used to neutralize/treat the hydrogen sulfide (“H2S”) in some of the environmental systems at KCAB. H2S is a corrosive chemical that is highly toxic with an odor of rotten eggs. This odor is very obnoxious at low levels, deadly at certain concentrations, and will corrode equipment quickly at high concentrations. H2S is formed due to the breakdown of organic material in low oxygen environments, such as sewers or tanks.
Submission Deadline: 03-Dec-2020 @ 2:00 p.m. ET
Submitting Organization: Kenton County Airport Board - Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport
20 71 Liquid Sodium Permanganate