*Currently parking management services are provided under contract at CVG. For approximately thirty (30) days immediately prior to assuming responsibility for performing under this Contract, Contractor shall familiarize itself with the layout and equipment at CVG (“Transition Period”). On or before the conclusion of the Transition Period, Contractor shall provide all personnel with necessary licenses, badges, training, material, equipment, supervision, and all other items necessary to provide the scope of services and comply with all the terms of this contract so that Contractor fully assumes all contract responsibilities on March 1, 2020. KCAB reserves the right to modify or alter the schedule of events to such extent as may be beneficial to KCAB.
Submission Deadline: 21-Nov-2019 at 2:00 p.m. ET
Submitting Organization: Kenton County Airport Board-Cincinnati/Northern KentuckyInternational Airport (CVG)
19 90RFP Parking Management Services