Bill P. Hogan

U.S. Business Development Director

Luis Vidal + Architects


Building relationships, maximizing and connecting resources, leveraging strategies, being an industry representative in all facets from a consultant’s perspective for Airports for more than 25 years has enabled Mr. Hogan to become a successful strategic advisor to both consultants and especially airports. A true expert in client relations and services to airports, industry associations, government entities and aviation individuals. Mr. Hogan’s responsibilities have included keeping abreast of the latest and successful state of the art techniques, vendor products, management practices and project solutions. This in conjunction with Mr. Hogan’s keen ability to listen and see the forest through the trees, has provided him with the rare ability to maximize all of his knowledge and experiences to provide accurate guidance and strategic advice to firms, airports and individuals. Mr. Hogan has successfully worked at over 250 airports ranging in all sizes and locations as a consultant. From business, management and project decisions, Mr. Hogan is keenly aware of the correct questions to ask, the correct people to involve, and the correct obstacles to avoid to implement a strategic solution.

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