Assistant Director of Operations

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  • Sanford, FL
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JOB TITLE: Assistant Director of Operations
DEPARTMENT: Operations
REPORTS TO: Director of Operations

To apply, please visit:

PAY: Depending on experience

BENEFITS: Highly competitive benefits package including medical, dental, vision, short- and long-term disability, life insurance, and retirement plans.
-SAA employees participate in the Florida Retirement System. Visit for more info.
-SAA covers health and welfare insurance premiums for all employees. $0 premium for employee-only coverage.
-Offer 457 plan and Roth IRA
-Observe all Federal Holidays in addition to sick and vacation time based on accrual
-Eligible for annual performance incentive

-Lives close by or is willing to relocate in order to quickly respond to emergencies
-Has leadership skills/supervisory experience and can multitask
-Has a bachelor’s degree in Aviation, Business Administration, a related field, or the equivalent combination of education and experience.
-At least Five (5) years extensive experience in airport operations at a small to medium-size hub air carrier airport of which at least two (2) years were in a supervisory capacity.
-Florida Driver’s License

The Assistant Director of Operations is responsible for maintaining the services necessary to ensure the safety and security of the Airport premises, twenty-four (24) hours a day, through the operational activities of the Operations Department in accordance with federal, state, local laws, FAA / TSA regulations, and Airport policies.

• Directs the enforcement and implementation of airside and landside rules, regulations, policies, and procedures. Develops operations and communications programs designed to improve the safety and security of Airport premises.
• Oversees the assignment of work, training, supervision, hiring, performance evaluations, and disciplinary actions of all Operations staff.
• Assists the Director of Operations and makes recommendations when conferring with airlines, Federal, State, and Local agencies, commercial air carriers, private operators, tenants, and other users of airport facilities regarding operations, safety, and security issues.
• He/she is designated as Alternative Airport Security Coordinator (AASC) and as such serves as the alternate contact between the Airport and the TSA if the Airport Security Coordinator (ASC) is absent.
• Assists in developing, implementing, and updating, and overseeing adherence to the airport certification, emergency, and security manuals and programs as directed by the TSA Part 1542 and FAR Part 139.
• Coordinates activities of security, maintenance, and other emergency personnel during emergencies to include safety and cleanup activities to resume operations.
• Assist the Airport Security Coordinator in managing the Airport identification badge and access control systems in compliance with TSA part 1542.
• Directs the inspections of Airport equipment, facilities, and grounds including but not limited to lighting, airfield signs and markings, fences, runways, taxiways, and ramp areas to meet FAA regulations.
• Coordinates activities with the security and ARFF (Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting) personnel for arrivals and departures of high-risk passengers and/or when dangerous or hazardous situations occur.
• Investigates complaints and reports of disturbed Airport operations including unscheduled arrivals, aircraft accidents, rule violations, and other nonstandard incidents.
• Attends contractor meetings to provide safety and security information and receive updates of scheduled work so that appropriate personnel and/or the FAA can be notified.
• Oversees reports and investigations of regulation violations. Reads operations personnel’s daily logs, self-inspections, media check logs, security tests, and incident reports and checks for accuracy and timely submission. Follow up to determine if action was taken to resolve any issues.
• Assists in the development of the Operations Department and monitors adherence to budget allocations. Make purchases to ensure all personnel have the proper supplies to perform their job functions efficiently.
Other Job Responsibilities
1. Monitoring all airport aviation fueling systems. Includes fuel storage tanks, mobile refuelers, and other petroleum products for resale.
• Ensures compliance with FAR Part 139.321, FAA requirements of the fuel distributors, and quarterly inspections are carried out as required.2. Servicing Transiting Air Carrier/Cargo Aircraft
• Ensures adequate workforce and equipment are available and scheduled.
• Coordinates schedule to prevent over-commitment/underutilization of Authority resources.
• Coordinates with air carrier personnel to ensure passenger/cargo safety and protect Authority resources.
3. Monitor Wildlife Activity and Management resources.
§ Ensure personnel are training and current with FAA Regulations. All records are maintained as required.
4. Assists Sanford Airport Authority liaison in.
§ The Sanford Airport Noise Abatement Committee’s programs and other noise/land use projects and issues; represents the Sanford Airport Authority in the monitoring and community relation aspects of noise-related matters; meets with individuals and groups concerning airport noise problems; and maintains records and prepares reports.
5. Answers questions and explains safety and security procedures to tenants.
6. May substitute for the Director of Operations in their absence.
7. Performs other related duties as required.

· Knowledge of the principles, practices, and methods of airport management.
· Knowledge of airport operations including security, safety, maintenance, and emergency services.
· Knowledge of federal, state, and local laws, FAA / TSA regulations, and policies relating to airport operations.
· Knowledge of airlines procedures and practices.
· Knowledge of emergency planning and the ability to implement emergency plans. Knowledge of Airport and facilities design and layout preferred..
· Knowledge of the FAA Noise Abatement policies and procedures.
· Ability to devise and implement policies and procedures designed to improve airport operations.
· Ability to plan, organize, prioritize, and delegate functions to staff
· Ability to communicate clearly and effectively, both orally and in writing.
· Ability to react quickly and make appropriate decisions in nonroutine and emergency situations.
· Ability to remain in control, direct staff, and handle “life-threatening” situations calmly, efficiently, and effectively.· Ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships with superiors, fellow employees, outside agencies, and the general public
· Ability to investigate any unusual circumstances affecting airport operations

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