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The San Diego Airport Authority is proud of its team members, have a high performing culture and we challenge ourselves through innovations…we work fast, value each other and have fun along the way.

We have an Airside & Terminal Resource Systems Manager job opportunity to manage and assign common use systems throughout the airport facilities.

Typical duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Oversees the day-to-day complexity and optimization of airside and terminal resource solutions of technology involving gate schedule planning and assignments, remain overnight aircraft parking positions, baggage carousels, ticket counters, check-in, loading bridge, flight information displays, and other common use resources.
  2. Monitors operation and balances potential and real-time resource availability challenges reliably with construction project phases; resolves common use resource allotment discrepancies; provides support in the creation, development, and activation of cross-functional projects and initiatives; ensures alignment of work efforts and documentation with organizational priorities and programs.
  3. Deploys solutions to conflicting priorities; facilitates problem resolution discussions; maintains partnerships with cross-functional teams, stakeholders, consultants; shapes perspectives and gains commitments; presents programs and projects to stakeholders.
  4. Formulates and communicates goals and objectives; develops and manages scope, deliverables, estimates, proposals, designs, and schedules consistently with mandates; oversees the selection of consulting services and delivery.
  5. Interprets and collaborates work activities with stakeholders based on airlines operating agreements and projects scope; implements standards for and controls daily operational activities in the area of responsibilities.
  6. Coaches and fosters teams’ success, competencies, accountability, development, diversity, inclusion, learning, customer focus, and productive work environment; recognizes and rewards achievements, completes corrective action; ensures the application of safe work practices.
  7. Identifies, deploys and maintains technological resources to enhance operations; designs and integrates operational practices, budgets, benchmarks, data and defines metrics; keeps current with industry trends and sustainable practices; performs related duties as assigned.

Required Education, Training and Experience:

  1. BA degree in aviation management, information technology, project management or a closely related field;
  2. Four years of aviation operations, construction and/or airport common use systems experience of which at least two years were in a supervisory capacity;
  3. Or an equivalent combination of training and experience.

Ideal Competencies:

  1. Ability to communicate and adapt well in dynamic team environments.
  2. Demonstrated experience of airport or airline gate scheduling and management planning and terminal common resource use allocation.
  3. Strategic solution to aviation gate management with construction project phases and resource constraints.
  4. Effective project management and delivery methods experience.
  5. Proven collaboration, problem-solving and decision-making with results-focused and solution-driven approach abilities.
  6. Experience interpreting operating agreements, airport rules and regulations.
  7. Must be flexible to resolve system interruptions outside of regular roster.

Depending experience, starting reward is up to $77,663 – $102,863

(Full pay range is $77,663 – $102,863 – $128,094)


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