Airport Planner $92,080.80 – $101,518.55

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The Airport Planner classifications have the responsibility to develop or direct the development of comprehensive plans and programs for utilization of land and physical facilities by the Department of Airports; and to ensure that objectives and goals specified for such plans and programs are accomplished in accordance with prescribed priorities, time limitations, and funding conditions.

The Airport Planner is the full performance, or journey, level in this series. Incumbents in these positions perform professional planning work in identifying, analyzing, evaluating, and recommending issues involved in airport development and improvements.

Examples of Knowledge and Abilities

Knowledge of

principles, practices and techniques of airport planning and local, state and federal laws and regulations relating to airport development and operation
trends and statistics affecting airport planning
architectural design, drafting and detailing; construction and building materials

Ability to

collect, analyze, interpret, and evaluate data relating to planning for airport development and airspace capacity
communicate effectively in writing and orally with private and public officials and consultants
prepare comprehensive reports and presentations on airport planning issues.

Minimum Qualifications

1. Two years experience in the class of Airport Technical Assistant in Sacramento County service.
2. Four years experience in airport or transportation planning.

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