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Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport is the gateway to one of the top travel destinations in the world – New Orleans. Conveniently located 15 minutes from downtown and the historic French Quarter, Armstrong International is poised for the future as the Airport of the Gulf South providing safe, first class customer service to travelers from around the world. The New Orleans Aviation Board (NOAB) oversees the operation of the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport.


Summary of Position:

The Risk Management Coordinator (RMC) responsible for identifying, assessing, managing the risk to the organization, its employees, customers, reputation, assets, and interests of stakeholders. RMC develops and implements/recommends plans on how to avoids, reduce, or transfer risk. The RMC handles all NOAB insurance policies (including compliance, inspections, applications, and renewals), claims management, loss control, vendor/third-party contract insurance terms and compliance, and recommendation and implementation of risk management initiatives.



Includes but is not limited to:

· Development/improving and implementation an enterprise risk management program and risk management initiatives across the organization.

· Handling all NOAB insurance policies including applications, renewals, and recommendations regarding the same.

· Preparing risk management and insurance budgets.

· Maintaining records of insurance policies and claims.

· Reviewing any new major contracts or internal business proposals form an insurance and risk perspective.

· Compliance, inspections, and risk assessments conducted internally by the RCM and by the Airport’s insurance carriers/underwriters and brokers.

· Collect, maintain, evaluate, and report enterprise-risk data.

· Managing and tracking compliance of the insurance and bonding requirements and certificates of insurance for all of the NOAB’s contracts, permits, and commercial support services agreements.

· Coordination of efforts with the Airport’s insurance brokers and underwriters.

· Building risk awareness among staff by providing support and training within the organization.

· Keeping abreast of trends and changes in the insurance market and in risk management.

· Manage claims and loss control activities, including pursuit of claims against third-party insurers and assisting legal staff with claims defense and support efforts pre-litigation and during litigation.

· All administrative paperwork, record management, and accounting associated with the position’s responsibilities.

· Any other tasks as may be assigned.


Knowledge of:

· Insurance industry and market, including the types of insurance coverage available for operations and risk associated with the Airports.

· Claims management and loss prevention

· Risk Management and loss control principals and analytical tools


Skills in:

· Analyzing, appraising, and organizing facts and data and making recommendations and decisions using that data to reduce, transfer, or mitigate institutional risk.

· Presenting such material, orally or in writing, in clear and logical form.

· Negotiation and development of recommendations associated with the responsibilities of the position.

· Ability to convert data and facts into charts, graphs, and other presentations.

· Attention to detail

· Ability to understand broader business issues.

· Planning, organization, and time management.

· Communication and presentation skills.

· Commercial awareness.

· Numerical skills

· Computers and applicable software, including Excel, Adobe Acrobat, PowerPoint, Outlook, Word and ability to learn new software applications.

· An employee receives only general instructions and is expected to plan, organize, and use independent judgment in planning work details and in securing desired objectives. Advice is normally received on major technical or policy problems.


Ability to:

· Communicate clearly and effectively, both orally in writing.

· Organize, interpret, and risk management principles and knowledge of risk management and insurance issues.

· Ability to collect, track, and generate reports on data and events.

· Ability to conduct independent research, studies, and evaluations.

· Development of reports, recommendations, and detailed analysis of data.

· Establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of work.

· Present issues, guidance, reports, and recommendations clearly and logically.

· Conduct research on risk management and insurance problems and prepare sound recommendations and opinions.

· Analyze problems, identify alternative solutions, project consequences of proposed actions and implement recommendations in support of goals.

· Research, analyze and evaluate new service delivery methods, procedures and techniques.


Minimum Qualifications:

1. A Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university.*

2. Possession of a valid driver’s license.* Applicants must be eligible for coverage under the airport’s auto liability insurance policy.

3. EITHER: Four (4) years of professional, salaried experience in a comprehensive risk management program.
OR: Two (2) years of experience in tort litigation and a current license to practice law in the state of Louisiana. License will be verified through the Louisiana State Bar Association.

Note: An Associate in Risk Management certification (ARM) or equivalent risk-management certification may be substituted for one (1) year of the required experience may be substituted for one (1) year of the required experience.



Must pass a personal, criminal, and employment background check required under federal regulations. Persons who have been charged or convicted of a disqualifying criminal offense are ineligible for the position.  For more information regarding the Transportation Security Administration’s disqualifying offenses, please see:

Domicile requirements: the employee is required to establish domicile in Orleans Parish within 180 days of hire.

A valid driver’s license. Must be eligible for coverage under the Airport’s auto liability insurance policy.

Experience in the aviation industry or any equivalent combination of experience and training, helpful.


This position requires a one (1) year probationary period.

* Prior to appointment, the hiring agency is required to verify education and licenses claimed by the applicant to qualify for this classification. If selected for hire, applicants must provide original documents of their qualifying credentials to the hiring agency prior to their start date in this job classification. Interdepartmental transfers will be considered.
NOTE:  If hired, Aviation employees must maintain all required licenses, permits, certificates, and auto liability insurance eligibility during the duration of their employment. Failure to comply with any of the above listed provisions will result in termination.



$65,569.00 – $70,643.00 Annually


Depending on the position, benefits of working for the City of New Orleans may include a Pension, Health Insurance (hospitalization, prescription coverage, vision, and dental) for you and your family, 13 paid holidays, longevity pay, merit pay, free life insurance, sick leave, and paid vacation.

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