Operations Process Senior Analyst

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As the Operations Process Senior Analyst, you will evaluate aspects of major operations project areas and define business processes to eliminate inefficiencies and improve productivity.

Serves in the Office of Operations Support at the Headquarters Office.

Analyzes and evaluates various complex operations (Airport, Public Safety, and Engineering) processes and procedures and provides recommendations to resolve substantive issues of effectiveness and productivity of work operations. Leads and works with other team members to guide process project work.


Assists the Operations Process and Policy Department Manager, Operations Industrial Engineers, and other key Airports Authority decision-makers to assess and evaluate major operations project areas and define business processes to eliminate inefficiencies and improve productivity.

Plans, schedules and facilitates Process Improvement (PI) initiatives within schedules and priorities established by higher management.

Identifies situations/processes which need to be analyzed and improved.

Leads the Operations Process and Data Analyst in process and data analysis work.

Conducts process analysis of airport, public safety and engineering operations to investigate operations and functions that can be streamlined and improved. Develops value stream for existing processes, identifies the desired end state and develops proposals and actions plans to achieve it.

Analyzes internal strengths and weaknesses and external opportunities and threats (SWOT), establishes long-term operational objectives and strategies to achieve these objectives; develops supporting action plans and key performance indicators (KPIs) to track progress.

Identifies and recommends strategies to address resistance and threats to the successful implementation of process improvement initiatives. Researches ‘best practices’ in airport, public safety and engineering operational activities in the airline/airport industry.

Provides project leadership and may oversee implementation activities.

Prepares and presents written and oral presentations such as briefings and consultations with other operational managers and staff.


A Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Finance, Engineering, or related field.


Six years of progressively responsible experience in business analysis including assessing the current state of an organization, its operations and services, and other factors relating to business improvement.

Comprehensive knowledge of business, business management, business planning, and operational process analysis and flow process analysis techniques and the ability to analyze inter- and intra-organizational operations/ programs/services to help identify options for improvement and innovation.

Knowledge of and ability to apply a wide range of qualitative and quantitative methods used in conducting studies of major business areas to support options for improvement in business activities.

Skill in planning and conducting comprehensive process improvement activities to affect the changes necessary to improve the process improvement sustainability of the organization.

Knowledge of and ability to apply economic theory and analysis (such as ROI and TCO analyses) in order to quantify costs/savings from successful process improvement activities.

Ability to manage multiple projects concurrently.

Ability to speak and write effectively, with emphasis on creating business strategy reports and presentations.

Skill in using a computer and office suite software/software and ability to learn new software/systems.


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