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Directs the development, implementation, management and administration of Aviation Security activities, audits, security rules, regulations, policies, procedures, and revisions and maintenance of the TSA-approved Airport Security Program, and to ensure an integrated approach between law enforcement and security for the safe and efficient operation of Logan International Airport, Hanscom Field, Logan Office Center, Worcester Airport and all aviation facilities.


Responsible for the maintenance and implementation of the TSA-approved Airport Security Program (ASP), TSR Part 1542, Security Directives, and other regulatory requirements.
1. Develops and oversees policies, procedures and programs in compliance with TSA and Massport regulations, directives, and guidelines.
2. Monitors all safety/security activities at Logan International Airport, Hanscom Field and Worcester Airport.
3. Works with Aviation Security staff to develop and implement unit office practices to resolve procedural problems, and to coordinate department activities with State Police, Massport Fire Rescue, Aviation Operations, and other Massport lines of business.
4. Monitors activities/programs mandated by federal, state and Massport requirements to ensure operational efficiency and effectiveness.
5. Serves as a liaison, as directed by the Director of Aviation Security to regulatory and investigative agencies, including the TSA, FBI, DEA, CBP, the National Transportation Safety Board, and the FAA Security Division, among others.
6. Ensures that Massport/TSA security requirements are enforced during labor actions occurring at Massport facilities.
7. Directs the operation of the Security Badge Office/ Parking Violation Bureau, Aviation Security Officers, and Aviation Compliance.
8. Acts as Security Representative for physical security enhancements with Capital Programs and the Information Technology Department.
9. Acts in capacity of Director of Aviation Security in his/her absence.
10. Serves as liaison with the Office of Corporate Security and Emergency Preparedness, and assists with proof-of-concept- pilot programs, and other aviation security initiatives.
11. Liaisons with the Deputy Director of Aviation Security Programs to ensure that Massport aviation security programs and procedures are informed by the ASAC, and other TSA and industry association working groups. Provides local perspectives and input to the Deputy Director of Aviation Security Programs on security program amendments being proposed or considered by the TSA or industry associations that could positively or negatively affect aviation security locally and nationally.

Coordinates with State Police, various aviation units, and appropriate external agencies on VIP arrivals, and other events.
1. Represents the Aviation Security Department in planning meetings regarding safety and security responsibilities of Massport.
2. Reviews documents and/or meets with appropriate parties to ensure proposed events and activities are in compliance with Federal, State and Massport rules and regulations.
3. Acts as liaison between various units to resolve any discrepancies or concerns arising from project implementation.
4. Oversee and manage the annual SAFE Awards recognition event.

Assists in the oversight of departmental staff.
1. Directs and coordinates through subordinates departmental activities and functions utilizing knowledge of department functions and Massport policies, standards, and practices.
2. Reviews and analyzes reports and documents prepared by staff.
3. Confers with supervisory personnel to obtain data required for planning department activities, such as new department commitments, status of work in progress, and problems encountered.
4. Assigns or delegates responsibility for specific work or functional activities and disseminates policy to supervisory personnel.
5. Gives work directions, resolves problems, manages workloads, and sets deadlines to ensure completion of work.
6. Coordinates activities of department with activities of other departments to ensure optimum efficiency and economy.
7. Prepares reports and records on departmental activities for the Board.
8. Evaluates current procedures and practices for accomplishing work of department to develop and implement alternate methods designed for improvement of work.

Directs the security audit program encompassing security compliance inspections and security assessments throughout Massport’s aviation facilities to avoid adverse impact and regulatory violations and enhance security operations. Facilitates compliance and improves operational efficiency.
1. Develops and executes audit methodology to assess compliance with regulatory requirements; formulates qualitative and quantitative reports documenting deviations, corrective actions, best practices, and other assessment measures.
2. Designs inspection program, directs inspection activities of the Manager of Training and Compliance, Supervisor, Aviation Security Operations, and Aviation Security Specialist and oversees inspections of Massport aviation facilities. Documents and communicates findings and best practices to ensure compliance with security rules and regulations.
3. Resolves deviations from security standards, identifies areas of improvement, and develops recommendations and action plans using industry specific knowledge.
4. Establishes security protocols and authors security plans and implementation plans to comply with security regulations and directives.
5. Develops and implements security policies, procedures, and practices to ensure overall adequacy, effectiveness, and efficiency of the security program, and achieve the Authority’s strategic objectives.
6. Acts as an Airport Security Coordinator (ASC) in Logan’s Airport Security Program and is a liaison with TSA Boston Office of Regulatory Inspections.

Responds to emergency situations according to airport procedures and in compliance with airport emergency codes.


Provides assistance to update and implement security plans at Worcester/Hanscom.

Responds to allegations involving the employees, property, and tenants of Massport. Participates in investigations.

Works in conjunction with the State Police to resolve issues and complaints.

Safeguards all Sensitive Security Information (SSI) in accordance with 49 CFR Parts 15 and 1520 and supporting

Massport policies and procedures.


EDUCATION: A Bachelor’s Degree in law enforcement or related field or equivalent professional experience required. Master’s Degree preferred.

EXPERIENCE: 10 years experience in a security or public safety setting with a minimum of five years in a supervisory or management position required. Experience in public safety and security at a major airport preferred. Demonstrated skills in working with senior aviation officials, federal, state and local law enforcement officials, and airport tenants preferred.

1. Massachusetts Class D [III] driver’s license unrestricted except for corrective lenses.
2. Ability to pass airfield driving test and obtain Aerodrome Ramp, Apron, and Airfield License.
3. Ability to pass Massport security clearance and obtain a Massport Security Badge.
4. Ability to obtain a Customs and Border Protection Seal.
5. Working knowledge of TSA regulations governing provision of public safety and security issues, specifically parts 1540, 1542, 129, 139 and ICAO standards.
6. Ability to pass Massport controlled substances testing and background security checks.
WORK SCHEDULE: Ability to work 37.5-hour workweek. Ability to work additional hours necessary work load demands and needed on an emergency basis. Must have the ability to be on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays

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