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Job Summary

Supports the Laredo International Airport Noise Compatibility Program. Performs community outreach and noise assistance visits with local residents and stakeholders in the Airport vicinity. Maintains records and prepare reports. Develops and delivers presentations regarding noise compatibility programs for the Laredo International Airport and the City of Laredo.


Knowledge of air traffic control procedures, as well as airport operations and procedures commonly used at both general aviation and air carrier airports.
Knowledge of Federal Aviation Administration noise compatibility program.
Knowledge of Federal Aviation Regulations Parts 139, 150, and 77, CFR Parts 1540 and 1542, and FAA Advisory Circular Series 150.
Knowledge in intermediate computer skills and proficient in Microsoft Office programs.
Knowledge of property values and methods used in appraisal and acquisition.
Knowledge of the legal instruments affecting the transfer, title, and acquiring of real estate property.
Ability to make accurate, immediate decisions in emergency situations to ensure efficient utilization of personnel
Ability to have excellent written and oral communications and public-speaking skills.
Ability to communicate orally and in writing in the English and Spanish language is desirable
Strong attention to detail and the ability to multitask
Ability to use a two-way radio
Ability to be diplomatic and interact with local residents in stressful/confrontation situations
Ability to read and interpret maps, plats, surveys, and property descriptions.
Ability to maintain proper records.
Ability to maintain a valid Texas Driver License and a good driving record.
Ability to maintain harmonious and effective working relationships with other employees and respond to general public complaints.
Required to comply with all City of Laredo’s policies and procedures.
Ability to maintain good health and physical condition sufficient to permit the full performance of the duties of the position.


Work is performed inside and/or outside an office, library, computer room, stockroom, or warehouse. Work may be exposed to a variety of weather conditions and outdoor elements, such as: excessive heat, humidity, intermittent noise, and inclement cold weather. Work may be exposed to a variety of environmental conditions, such as: unknown & dangerous conditions, unusual environmental stress, dry atmosphere, solvents, dirt, grease, oils, silica, asbestos, dust, constant noise, pneumatic vibration, fumes, smoke, gases, and slippery/uneven walking surfaces. Capable of working closely with others or alone, working long or irregular working hours, working shift work and/or weekends, working with protective devices, working around moving objects or vehicles, working around machines with moving parts and objects, and traveling by car 30% of the time, and by plane 3% of the time. Ability to operate a motor vehicle, office equipment, and mechanical equipment; Work requires light carrying and occasional lifting (under 15 pounds up to 50 pounds), repeated bending, sitting, standing, pushing, crouching, crawling, twisting, kneeling, stooping, walking, and reaching above shoulders. Ability to see, write, read, count, identify shade of colors, perceive depth, and hearing is needed to perform the essential functions of this job.


Retrieves and correlates data through the use of computer software programs and utilities, including routine operation, backing up, and archiving data; analyze complex noise abatement issues and technical data.
Monitors aircraft noise, flight operations, and other pertinent aviation factors and procedures. Maintain records and logs of noise events.
Prepares reports; record, investigate, and respond to noise complaints and requests for information.
Oversees individual projects (current Noise Exposure Map and Noise Compatibility Program) and long-term, ongoing programs, including but not limited to residential unit management, while continuously improving the Airport’s Noise Compatibility Program through industry research, collaboration with airport airports and/or airport industry conference attendance.
Attends public meetings to assist with and/or make presentations concerning noise and other airport related issues.
Assists with community outreach and noise assistance visits with local residents.
Evaluates proposed off-airport land use development and construction for potential impact to aircraft operations and for compatibility with safety and efficiency of aircraft operations; recommend appropriate actions.
Provides technical and administrative support to staff on noise compatibility issues.
Supervises noise staff which includes duty assignments, evaluations, and general guidance.
Works closely with real estate staff to ensure noise compatibility funds are being appropriated sufficiently.
Works closely with airport leadership and consultants to ensure progress as appropriate on various airport noise compatibility projects (i.e., FAR Part 150 study, acoustical treatment program, or others).
Reviews grants programs and ensures fund allocations and burn ratios; makes recommendations for future grant allocations.
Works independently under limited supervision and general direction, exercising a high level of independent judgement and discretion.
Is able to exercise sound judgement in complex and technical issues, high level of initiative is expected to analyze and make related presentations.
Evaluates safety aspects of airfield and outlying facilities
Will conduct presentations and/or workshops as needed.
Will be required to drive a City vehicle for City business use.
Performs other duties as assigned.
Minimum Qualifications

Bachelor degree from an accredited* college or university in Aviation Management, Business or Public Administration or related field.
At least three (3) years of experience in aviation or related field with at least two (2) years in a supervisory capacity.  Experience working with airfield/noise compatibility related projects and grant administration preferred.

*Council of Higher Education Accreditation (C.H.E.A)

This position is grant funded. Therefore, it is solely dependent on availability of grant funds.

Selected applicant must undergo a 10-year Federal background check to be conducted by the Airport Department in order to verify that the individual meets federal standards to obtain an airport security clearance, which is an essential tool to perform required duties.
Valid Licenses and Certifications

Part 139 Training must be taken and passed within three (3) months of employment.**

**Continued employment is contingent on successfully obtaining required certification(s) and/or license(s) within the specified period of time indicated above from time of hire.

Valid Texas Driver License*
*If applicant holds an out-of-state license, a State of Texas Driver License must be obtained prior to employment.

As part of the minimum requirements for all positions with the City of Laredo, a thorough background check and certified school transcripts will be required from all applicants who are offered employment.

Effective February 24, 1997, all selected applicants are required to undergo a drug and alcohol test prior to employment.

Effective January 7, 2008, all persons in safety-sensitive functions/positions, as per City of Laredo Drug and Alcohol Policy definition, shall be subject to random drug and alcohol testing.

A person with a disability who needs a reasonable accommodation related to a selection process is requested to contact the Human Resources Department at (956) 791-7482 two days prior to the scheduled interview and/or test if applicable.

To apply for this job please visit www.governmentjobs.com.

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