Senior Manager of Aviation Planning

Jacksonville Aviation Authority

JAA welcomes applications for the position of Senior Manager of Aviation Planning through Wednesday, August 28, 2019.

This is professional work in providing managerial and technical oversight of the Jacksonville Aviation Authority’s land/facility planning and development. Ensures the accomplishment of government mandated aviation planning requirements and is responsible for the planning and development of airport property, the disposal of property, the procurement of capital project grants and the coordination of capital development with local communities and the other departments of the JAA. The work requires seasoned knowledge of aviation planning principles, methods, practices and techniques which is gained through formal education and substantial on-the-job experience. Manages and supervises the work of subordinates involved in department activities. Interactions with others require skill in understanding, influencing and persuading people which are important in supervising staff, coordinating the administrative functions and representing the department before regulatory agencies. The work is performed following clearly defined management and aviation planning principles and policies and involves a large variety of situations requiring the use of judgment in the search for solutions to challenges facing the department. The work is performed in an office environment. Operates computers and other standard office equipment.  The work is performed under administrative direction, subject to operating plans, objectives and functional policies, and is reviewed in terms of feasibility, compatibility and effectiveness in meeting capital improvement program objectives.

Essential Functions
·       Formulates long-term plans for the development of effective aviation systems, programs and facilities in accordance with local, state and federal regulatory requirements.

·       Evaluates effectiveness of current facilities and formulates alternative approaches as necessary to satisfy external demand and JAA objectives.

·       Implements programs to mitigate any adverse environmental impacts of aviation program development.

·       Coordinates planning objectives with local and regulatory agencies to maximize long-term environmental compatibility.

·       Develops and maintains a current capital improvement program which optimizes the use of funding sources and is consistent with state and federal regulatory guidelines.

·       Researches and analyses the use of JAA’s resources in aviation programs and initiatives, as compared to external aviation programs.

·       Develops and executes a detailed plan for development of a specified facility, and other site/ land development initiatives.

·       Designs effective methods for use of available capital.

·       Coordinates with federal, state and local government and regulatory agencies in the planning and operation of JAA’s aviation capital projects.

·       Identifies and procures new funding sources while implementing measures to maintain and increase existing funding for aviation programs and services.

·       Manages the preparation and submission of applications for state and federal funding assistance.

·       Coordinates all planning, design and construction activities with appropriate federal, state and local governmental agencies to ensure compliance with applicable development standards.

·       Works with local regulatory agencies in the development and expansion of facilities and services.

·       Formulates plans, consistent with applicable regulations, for the collection and use of passenger facility charges and submits them to the appropriate entities for approval.

·       Lobbies for grant and project approvals as necessary and presents JAA Board of Directors with regular legislative updates.

·       Provides justification for all deviations from regulatory planning standards to applicable regulatory agencies.

·       Performs continuous micro-planning activities, as needed, for all airports within the system.

·       Performs site planning for economic/industrial development.

·       Identifies the need for external consulting services and facilitates the procurement of the same under the direction of management, the board of directors and applicable law.

·       Supervises and monitors the work of department staff.

·       Maintains an effective grant tracking and grant management system.

·       Coordinates interaction with tenant organizations to facilitate effective aviation planning.

·       Implements and maintains the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Program.

·       Ensures the proper disposal of hazardous materials and mitigates air quality and noise issues.

·       Oversees the Aircraft Operations and Noise Monitoring System.

·       Manages and updates the development of Regional Impact data and the conceptual ERP, which covers all environmental-related permitting.

·       Oversees the Wildlife Management operations at all JAA airports through conservation, control and data management.

·       Prepares cash flow analysis for all budgeted capital projects.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities
·       Knowledge of Aviation Planning and Management principles methods, practices and techniques.

·       Technical knowledge in aviation planning and airport layout.

·       Knowledge of regulatory and civil planning procedures.

·       Comprehensive understanding of all regulatory planning requirements.

·       Ability to apply technical judgment consistent with political considerations and applicable compliance guidelines.

·       Ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing.

·       Ability to analyze and interpret complex information.

·       Ability to work well with others in a team environment.

·       Ability to travel nationally and internationally.

Required Education & Experience
·       Bachelor’s degree in Planning, Civil Engineering or a related field and

·       Five (5) years of experience in the field of aviation planning

Preferred Education & Experience
·       Professional certification in related field

·       Experience in a similarly responsible role at a commercial service airport

Licenses & Certifications
·       Must be able to obtain and maintain a Security Identification Display Area (SIDA) badge

·       Florida Class E Driver’s License may be required and must be maintained

Physical Demands
The physical demands consist of moving from one work location to another, sitting or standing at a work station for extended periods of time and may involve lifting objects weighing up to 15 pounds.

Must be able to perform the physical requirements of the position with or without reasonable accommodation.


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