Operations Manager


Job Summary

Manage the Airfield Supervisor – Operations, and Operation Coordinators to ensure that all responsibilities and job functions of the Operations Department are carried out safely, efficiently, accurately and in a timely fashion.  Ensure that Company policies and procedures, as well as the Airport Rules and Regulations/Minimum Standards are adhered to.  Guarantee that all relevant Federal and State  regulations are met.  Responsible for establishing and maintaining relationships with Airport tenants, and the local and aviation communities.   Develop and implement processes and systems to ensure that the needs of a 24/7/365 business are met.

The Operations Manager represents the Airport in all facets of enforcement and oversight in areas such as compliance, unsafe practices, and tenant relations.  The Operations Manager leads the team during irregular operations in a safe and efficient manner while working towards resuming normal operations.  Responsible for ensuring that department staff are adequately trained and competent by ensuring that programs/plans and training curricula are current and effective.  Ensure that the Company Employee Handbook is adhered to, and policies are enforced.  Create employee schedule to ensure that the Operations Department is appropriately staffed at all times.

Essential Functions

  • Able to work a flexible/on-call schedule as needed, such as in the event of an aircraft emergency, environmental incident, or weather event.
  • Able to communicate effectively (reading, writing, speaking) in English.
  • Ability to access, input, and retrieve information from a computer.
  • Must be able to complete and pass pre-employment background check, drug screen, and physical exam.
  • Must have valid driver’s license and clean driving record.
  • Must be able to lift, unassisted, up to 35 pounds frequently and up to 50 pounds occasionally.
  • Must be able to bend and push/pull frequently, squat, kneel, climb stairs and ladders, reach above shoulder level, and lift from high/low positions occasionally.
  • Must be able to wear a N95 Particulate Respirator while working with certain chemicals/substances as defined under the Respiratory Protection Program.
  • Must be able to operate a vehicle or machinery at all times.
  • Proof of being fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus required

To apply for this job please visit www.mmuair.com.

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