Airport Noise Monitoring Specialist

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FAA 139 Med-Large Size Airport


Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Math, Physics, Public or Airport Administration, Airport Management, Air Transportation, Acoustics, Environmental Science or a related field.

Two (2) years of experience in airport operations, airport communications, construction, noise or environmental acoustics monitoring in the public or private sectors.

Associate’s degree in any field plus five (5) years of will meet the education and experience requirements

Bachelor’s or higher in a non-stated field plus (4) years of the specified experience will meet the education and experience requirements

Master’s or higher in a stated field will meet the education and experience requirements


Subject to 24 hour/weekend callout in response to HAZMAT spills

Effective oral/written communication skills.
MS Office or similar software skills.
Knowledge of all federal and local rules and regulations

Experience in Airport operations and procedures commonly used at both air carrier and general aviation airports. Knowledge of Federal, state, and local aircraft noise regulations and environmental standards, specifically FAR Parts 150 and 161, practices and techniques of sound monitoring using complex electronic and computer equipment. Noise characteristics of various categories of aircraft, including fixed and rotary wing, jet, and reciprocating engines preferred. Candidates with C.M., A.A.E. or ACE in Operations or having a private pilot license is highly preferred. Will work with Airport Operations, Federal Aviation Administration, and Local Community.

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