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POSITION: Assistant Airport Director/Services Manager
DEPARTMENT: Bangor International Airport
DIVISION: Administration
Serves as Assistant Airport Director/Services Manager and manages, coordinates and supervises
a wide variety of aviation and aircraft support services. This position directs, manages and plans
operations for the FBO. Also serves as Assistant Airport Director responsible for assisting with
the management of airport operations and services.
Assists the Airport Director in the administration and management of airport operations by
implementing the decisions, determinations and policies of the FAA and other federal agencies
for the safety and security of a public, commercial, non-hub air carrier airport.
Directly responsible for the management of all ATW (above-the-wing) & BTW (below-the-wing)
Services, Ground Support Equipment Maintenance Shop, Aircraft Maintenance, and Airline
Services divisions, in accordance with applicable government (FAA, CBP, TSA and other
applicable) safety and security standards.
Maintains timely communications with department professional and non-professional staff
regarding Citywide and departmental activities and proper functioning; offers technical
assistance and advice on personnel matters to other staff as needed; assists the Airport Director
in ensuring that City personnel rules, regulations and practices are fairly and uniformly applied.
Prepares annual division budget(s); tracks budgetary expenses quarterly.
Reviews overall pricing rates and fees and works with Finance Manager to implement changes
or adjustments; periodically develops and completes quotes for services.
Works with Airport Director and Fuel Sales/Support in the preparation of proposals, fuel
handling agreements and arrangements, fuel contracts, and pricing
Monitors market conditions, industry trends, identifies and promotes new growth and service
Regularly interact with customers to promote the FBO and to measure the level of customer
satisfaction. Maintains regular interaction/meetings with based aviation tenants and addresses
service and facility needs appropriately to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.
Conducts and reviews equipment cost analysis; evaluates and recommends equipment
Annually reviews and recommends pricing to Airport Director for services to aviation customers,
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and commercial carriers.
Assists with the advertising and marketing strategy for the airport’s business segments.
Assists the Airport Director, as directed, in the:
– Supervision of personnel
– Preparation of annual budgets and capital plans
– Development and submission of applications for federal aid and other grants
– Maintenance of airport certification standards
– Representation of airport at City Committee, City Council meetings
– Representation of airport at various conferences, seminars and sales functions
– Responding to requests for information or complaints from elected
officials, other City staff and the public.
In addition, the incumbent may be assigned any and all tasks related to the:
– Solicitation, negotiation and administration of vendors and tenants’ contracts,
standard ground handling agreements, and lease agreements
– Provision of technical advice and additional assistance to other City
departments or outside agencies and organizations
– Representation of the airport before various civic and/or community groups
– Business development related to aircraft services
– Preparation of public statements and media releases when serving as airport
– Participation in Citywide planning activities and inter-departmental work groups
– Preparation of materials and attendance of City Council and Council committee
meetings for the purpose of representing the Airport Department
Responds to Airport emergencies on a 24-hour basis.
Performs duties related to any aspects of the above, as required.
BA/BS degree in Aviation Science, Business or Public Administration, or closely related field,
with 5 years of management or operations experience, preferably related to aircraft ground
handling experience or experience managing in a service-oriented environment; or any
combination of education and experience that provides equivalent knowledge, skills and
Ability to analyze and interpret a wide variety of data and information, drawing appropriate
references and conclusions.
Ability to direct operations and personnel consistent with federal regulations, city policies and
procedures, and sound personnel practices.
Ability to express thoughts and ideas in a clear, concise and effective manner, both orally and in
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Working knowledge of the principles and techniques of service quotes/proposals, budgeting,
grant writing and business negotiations.
Broad knowledge of the rules and regulations governing airports and airlines.
Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with City officials, Airport
personnel, customers and users, federal and state officials, as well as any other individuals
doing business with the Airport.
Must demonstrate proficient computer skills, including databases and spreadsheets.
Ability to travel, both domestic and international for business functions.
Ability to respond to Airport emergencies on a 24-hour basis.
Ability to pass background security check to obtain and maintain a Security Identification Area
(SIDA) badge.
Incumbent’s knowledge and performance will have a significant bearing on operations at
Bangor International Airport. In the absence of the Airport Director, the incumbent may be
required to exercise considerable independence in directing daily operations that are varied and
non-standard. General policy matters are discussed with the Airport Director or, in his/her
absence, with the City Manager or Assistant City Manager.
Incumbent assists in the administration of daily operations in accordance with guidelines that
are generally applicable but sometimes ambiguous with regard to implementation. Independent
judgment may at times be required to assess and adopt operations to ensure safety of others in
compliance with local, state and federal regulations. Work is reviewed by the Airport Director
for overall soundness of judgment and overall compliance with policy.
Incumbent is responsible for the administration and supervision of general and commercial
aviation service activities to ensure safety and efficiency. Incumbent works according to the
guidelines which occasionally require adaptation to meet specific circumstances. Majority of
work is reviewed for overall soundness and impact on departmental policy.
Incumbent maintains regular contact with other Airport personnel, city personnel and
individuals with whom he/she may need to establish working relationship in the course of daily
airport business operations. Reports directly to the Airport Director.

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